Selling my board

Hey guys I’m looking to sell my diy hummie looking for 1.5k

Hummie deck
Evovle dkp trucks
Janux mounts
190kv hobby wing 6374 motors
15t motor pulley 36t wheel pulley
350mm belts
Psychotiller enclosure
10s4p Samsung 30q
Maker dv4 vesc
Filsky anti spark and Bluetooth
Filsky vx1 tested and doesn’t lose Connection

Also comes with extras ( sl300 ) dual and slr1 plus evovle bushing kit

On 190 pounds got around 14 miles
Top speed 26mph


Good luck with sale. Do you have any photos of the battery?

Glws, are you gonna clean it up a bit before selling?

Also people might be interested in some more close up pics, two isn’t really enough to sell around here.

1500 might also be a bit high around here too. You listed on Facebook yet?

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Battery is good. I may have photos. Built by @mariocontino

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I did indeed make the battery. It was 11 months ago, I believe.


Damn bro those mounts could almost fit the motors on the psychoframe xD
Nice board tho, glws!

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Comes with 300 worth extras

we do not respect shredlights pricing model around here.

with the extras, id consider this at 1200 and jump on it at 900.

also, the pictures being of the board with different grips does not help you.
how does it look right now?


Lowest price around 1.2k for pickup and I post new photos

12 is fair. honestly, no offense, the soft enclosure really detracts from the image of the thing as a whole. for like 20-30 bucks you could swap that to a peli case, and 12-1500 would seem a lot less questionable immediately. i think that would be a really worthwhile move, if you want this to sell.

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Sadly to broke to afford any more parts that’s why I’m selling

if you that broke ill offer 800+ship no questions asked xD payable tomorrow when my check hits and offer only available until 2pm tomorrow. lmao.

Dam trying to do 1k trying to get another board just asking


oh i dont even want the thing, im just dropping a lowball in case you that strapped for cash xD



much much better pics. see, i thought the battery was in the soft case, its actually in a convenient enclosure, sled style. thats a big plus. now i consider it far more worth asking price!!

if your account isnt too new, replace the pics in the first post with those, most wont scroll down.

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you shouldn’t be so publicly flexible on your price :x

the initial post says 1500, then you mentioned 1200, then now 1000 another reply

but i don’t know anything, i sell nothing :weary:


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He wanted to do 800 I said will he be able to 1000 I’m trying to get at Least 1200 to buy a new board

sounds like you’re willing to take 1k also tho

Yep but nothing below