Selling BKB 6354 Motors, 10S3P HyperIon battery and MORE!

Im moving and have to get rid of some of my DIY stuff so here goes my version of an online garage sale:

HyperIonSystems 10S3P battery [Brand New]

Asking for 290USD

BKB 6354 190Kv Motors with Steel pulleys[Brand New]

Asking for: 210 USD

Boardnamics Idler Motor mounts [Brand New]

Asking for 40 USD

ABEC11 Flywheels with pulleys (36T) [Lightly used]

Asking for 106 USD

2x Flipsky 4.12 FSESC with Mini Remote [Brand New, only teste on bench]

Asking for 115 USD

Flat rate shipping:
Europe: 40USD

Letter for mounts/Vesc:
Europe: 25USD

feel free to send me a PM if you are interested! :smile:

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Where are you based as these numbers don’t seem right

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Understandable that they seem stupidly high, I live in Norway and sending packages abroad (and recieveing) is very expensive here :confused:

If someone buys for more than 200USD ill pay half the shipping cost myself making it 20USD to Europe and 23 to the US :smile:

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As in I was interested in the mounts but can you not send via large letter

I’ll look into it!

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Heya @sanderfu I’ll take one of the FSESCs and the mini if you’ll match the price ($52 + $14 shipped)…I know it’s a stretch but it doesn’t hurt to ask :smile:

Sorry I want to sell them together for now :smile:


Are you still selling that battery? Interested.

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Brooo it’s been a year lol

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