[sell][WTS][US]10s3p 25r Battery Pack for Sale

Brand new 10s3p Samsung 25r battery pack:

  • has 1 cycle on it, only because I tested it to see if it was working, works great, really popular cells, I’d say best in the market after 30Q’s.
  • 7500mAh (7.5Ah), 270 Wh, gets about 12-14 miles with my WowGo 2s with fairly aggressive riding.
  • compatible with all Chinese boards, comes with XT-60 connection.
  • will throw in a free charge port w/ JST connection so that it can work with your existing charger.
  • will ship anywhere in US, USPS Priority Express. can ship same day as payment, delivery in 2-3 days.
  • will consider shipping international, depending on location. (shipping extra)

name your price. for comparison similar packs of similar capacity are around $230-$250. feel free to PM if you have any questions!

edit: I’m a new user, just came here from the electric-skateboard.builders forum, I was allowed to post only 1 pic, I’ll try posting more in the comments.


Is it the same battery as this and does it flush in the stock wowgo enclosure?



I’m not too sure, it looks like the same specs to me. lmao price drop I guess, it’s now $150 for anyone who wants it.

Would you take 100$

sorry, no I can negotiate on the $150 but I don’t think ill be able to go as low as 100