Seismic trucks? Any good?

I don’t see these trucks Aeon on the build like caliber,Paris, SR, etc. I only know that exway use em.
Aeon 45° 180mm
Besides the round hanger that’s limit the motor mount options. Are that any god?

Or should I stick to Paris? It’s for Esk8.

No motor mount for it

I have an exway x1 pro and these things carve :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I looked at those, I wondered if a Paris mount would fit


If it’s round why wouldn’t a Paris mount work? What’s the diameter? Send a message to dickyho he makes Cnc Paris truck mounts with two set screws, I drilled little dimples for both set screws and they have been rock solid since.

Hmm not sure dickyho is on here, he was on the lame dictatorship site.

Good trucks, love em

Where’s best to buy those? They look pretty righteous!

Be aware that they uses proprietary bushings as well so your bushings option will be limited :slight_smile:

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I see the shape, they look like they rebound incredibly

My bad the title typo bothered me. I fixed it for you . I have been wondering the same thing . I’ve seen mixed reviews on these trucks. Not sure how well they would function with esk8 . might be hard to keep the mounts secure.

The abnormal bushings kill it for me. I like playing with my setup way to much to be limited like that.


I think paired with the strange cores on Speed Vents, Seismic will be the king of difficult to make an eskate

The cores on speed vents are great

The holes are those odd spiral shape right?

Mount in the outer part