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So I type “How to build an electric skateboard” or “diy electric skateboard” hadly has any mention of the old or new forum. Searching “electric skateboard forum” produces a lot of hits of the old forum. So how do we put this forum up there when people are looking to make electric skateboard?


It takes a while…
Google has a few websites to check on but will catch up organically. Croslinking from other platforms helps a lot too

SEO practices


More public content. Copy and paste your build threads to here. Migrate the others and News will blow the internet up

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Create content here, and only respond to important things there but don’t add anything new. Put new stuff over here.


Google knows where the action is


This. Just keep using this forum and eventually it will take care of itself. What we need is a few cutting edge presale/group buys that happen only on this forum to draw the rest of the users in.


SEO spanker here .
This site needs links and actions from links to here, and when people get here they need to stay.

Having some blog articles somewhere that answer common eskate questions all interlinked helps too.
Specially if the title tags H tags are all keyword stuffed.

Goog platforms and all social media interlinked helps too. Youtube FB etc