SEA Carve 2023 - Seattle WA esk8 event July 20th - 23rd 2023

SEA Carve 2023

July 20th - 23rd the PNW ESK8 Seattle crew is planning a Carve rally event. It will be 4 days long. Each day will start and end at MOHAI in Seattle. Lots of skating and many different routes ranging from city to waterfront and touring Seattle and some of the Eastside. You can count on a visit to the velodrome, cookout, and some forest trails are a good possibility.

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Q: What is this?

A: An electric skateboard rally!! Four long ass beautiful 16 hour long days of electric skating around Seattle! The days are long and the nights are short. The weather is ideal summer weather with an average of 78 degrees!

Q: When is this?

A: July 20th - 23rd

Q: Where is this?

A: Seattle, WA

Q: What will we do?

A: Skate! A lot! We will tour countless trails and roads around the Seattle metro area. Some very scenic tours, with stops at some great restaurants and breweries.

Q: What to bring?

A: your board(s) and charger(s)

Q: What to expect?

A: Skating, charging, eating and drinking, sleep, skating

Q: Is it as cool as Carve PDX?

A: It’s more of a grunge cool than the punk cool of PDX

Q: What kind of rides?

A: 15-25 mile rides, charge spots, morning, afternoon, and night

Q: Will there be races?

A: TBD but it’s likely

Q: Where to stay?

A: Wherever you want, but a decent hostel is Green Tortoise - Downtown right across the street from Pike Place Market 1.6 Miles to Mohai


Can’t wait. Hope some of you Oregon fellas make the trip!


Hahaha I love it. I’ll be at carve Sea!



When you need at least 10 hours of sleep a day but the esk8 event doesn’t care :sob: I usually sleep 12 hours min when I don’t have work the next day

It looks like it would be fun but my disabled ass could not keep up with doing stuff that long.

Please explain this white board though because I’m very curious.

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I think it means I was having a nice day with my corona which was good, and my gear, and then it rained… Aw fuck!!

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Oooh so it means a literal cloud and not a server cloud :rofl: I was very confused thinking it was about digital storage

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I’m kidding, it is a hacker and maker space, so it likely does mean data cloud :cloud: