Scooter Motors on and Inteligent Mountain board, control with odrive


I am trying to build an intelligent mountain board. The aim is to use computer vision to make intelligent navigation, meaning to assist the driver such as automatic positioning on the road.

It should provide with voice recognition for tweaking the drive parameters onboard. Plus, the ability to control the turn with a game-pad joystick.

So I started by just making it move. The current version is the bare minimum for commuting.

I used two 350w Motor on this truck .

Currently, I am using quite weak electronics. A Chinese mepo like ESC with some old recycled 18650 cells in a 10s4p battery. In a few days, I upgrade to 18650 cells 11s12p pack since my area is mostly uphills and downhills(Denmark).

I am waiting for my odrive to arrive so I can upgrade to 13s12p and have quite good torque/speed. Once I get the odrive I will implement my python script with the odrive to be able to control turns with a joystick.

So far I have been playing with google API for voice recognition and seems like a good solution for voice control, but not sure how it will handle the outside noise.

As by me, I finished my degree in robotics and doing master in computer vision, so I hope to get a lot of computer vision work with the board since it is a vehicle. I plan on adding an IMU sensor and raspberry pi with some cameras and a GPS. These should allow building some intelligence.

P.s: Hopefully, I can manage to get it self balancing on the back wheels and follow function :smiley: since it’s quite heavy and I would rather have it follow me by itself.


Good luck with your project, this is an interesting goal. Unfortunately I can’t see your photo


I just finished editing the project, the picture should be updated

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Help me to understand this. The board will have front wheels that turn? Or the map navigation will be controlled with a joystick?

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Much better! Have you considered a mic and transmitter inside your helmet? I use the Samsung ear buds but they struggle in the wind.

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I have a set of these in my helmet (TSG pass)

They’re actually not bad considering what they cost and bluetooth 5.0 audio quality isn’t the greatest but they’re loud and you can easily still hear your surroundings at reasonable levels

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That would be mechanically difficult, but possible. Mosty the joystick control is by changing the speed at which each motor is rotating. I would love to have omnidirectional wheels and drive on 4 hub motors, but can’t see the omnidirectional wheels handling such a speed.

I have a wireless headphones with an inbuilt microphone, but i also need a helmet, so they don’t fit. I think at the begging it will a earphone with an separate microphone.

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only steerable build I’ve seen was this one

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Follow me technology would be really cool. That would allow you to place you luggage or groceries on the board and walk to your destination.


Put a platform on a linear slide on the deck with a stepper drive, to turn it moves the ‘deck’ to the side to lean the board without an active rider. Probably easy enough to toss a 9 axis and PID loop if you are running a central processor for navigation


Maximum effort.

Interesting idea, it will be cool to see how the Odrive works out as well. I wasn’t sure if it was really suited for esk8 or not

It could be that the front truck is customized so it moves freely on the Z-axis and a stepper motor is used for rotation, so the user still can tilt the deck. That should be for sure something to try, but for that, I would most likely need a CNC component since the 3D printed part is not strong enough. My university doesn’t allow us to CNC components that are not required directly for a university project, so getting one might be tought
But to tilt the deck directly, might be a solution, I have a 3d printer and a few stepper motors with the leadscrew. So maybe 3D printing a component and controlling the tilt could be done in a few months.
I think the first is to get o-drive implemented has it has a higher priority. I am just not quite sure how responsive will be the change of trajectory of the board by regulating each motor speed.

So I will look into it based on how well the board will turn with o-drive.

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Welcome @luliu I have thought about making a skateboard that will just follow me around. As for steering, the first thing that came to my mind is a differential drive too, but wheel wear would be too much in a 4 wheel setup. Ideal would be what @ZachTetra said to shift weight around, right near the front wheels.

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Got an update. I deiced to go with an 11s10p for now, since my meepo ESC works up to 45V.

My battery pack is made of the best 18650 recycled cells i could find. It’s a game changer then going uphill. In 4km, got from 45V to 44.5V. The speed is also quite good, i guess it’s between 25-30km/h, but the breaking got worse.

Then i finished it, i had to drive under rain, surprisingly nothing blew, but i just had to make it a bit waterproof.

Since i don’t like the motor wires beeing so visible, i decieded swap them, so new version is this

And for the end, i plan to add my original wheels on the sides and remove the rubber wheel. The wheels should be attached to the motor directly, or i should find bearings that fit both the wheel and the original bar.

My the real fun will start once i get my odrive, which should arive in the middle of august or begging of September.


One can’t put a pneumatic tire on it, can you? There would be no way for the valve to come out.

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The pneumatic tire is not placed on the motor, but the wheel with the tire is attached to the side of the motor. More like this -