Savage1 Custom Machined Parts For Esk8

Hey all! Savage1 here! (Phil)
Just a quick update…
My brother Steve and I, @ridenebula, have decided to part ways as far as Nebula is concerned.

That said, I’m still here, (and will be) and have new offerings coming very soon! As far as the company structure, I’ll keep you updated.


errrrummm… everything ok?


Lol that was the first thing that came to my mind too


It sounds ominous, but everything’s fine. Nebula as a brand will just be phased out soon here and Phil will be continuing on. :+1:


Surely red threadlocker would be more appropriate, no? Blue would definitely come loose when taking off the wheel nut I think, lol.

Any special features of these trucks btw? I see stepped 10 - 8mm axles which is cool. Are they compatible with caliber baseplates? Any rake? What width?


No, Red is not needed at all. The hangers are bored to a very tight 10mm tolerance to match the axel, then the axel shoulder is tightened against the hanger.
They are 250mm hangers, 50 degree base plates, and completely compatible with caliber. The axels are somewhat special, as they are machined from 17-4 SS


Wow! Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s better than Titanium in every way except weight, right?



You’re savage… Love it…


You are correct. The only thing titanium is good for in Esk8 is BLING after anodizing. Its not even as strong as steel. It just weighs less. Titanium is for medical and aerospace


That’s some good looking hardware!


I’m actually not that savage. I’m a meek and gentle old fart… The Savage name came from me calling my oldest daughter, Savannah, the savages. She loves it!
(my family might not agree with the meek and gentle part, but I’m trying)


60T-48T kegel Boyz and girlz :star_struck:

Thank you @Savage1 I love the machine raw look


Wasn’t going to say anything… but I guess why not -

When you first posted the pics of the axles, immediately noticed while they look very high quality, 8mm portion is just standard hub/wheel length.

I feel like we’re at a point in ESK8 where there is a good amount of demand for extended axles to accommodate wider hubs/hubs w/an aftermarket spacer for stretched tires that so many people like to run now.

Any thoughts about making some batches w/a extended 8mm portion? It’s always easy enough to slap normal wheels on an extended axle and put a spacer in-between the wheel & axle nut if you want the shorter width for turning/carving benefits, and there really isn’t much axle sticking out if so - but you can never put wider hubs on a standard axle.

& This is a question I should probably know but don’t - if you wanted to run a wider hub on stepped axles like these, are there any issues regarding how forces get distributed and such if you run a 10mm bearing & 8mm bearing in the hub? Definitely somewhat dumb, but I feel like if you have the spacers it would work.


If you’re running wide hubs, then why would you want an 8mm axle to begin with? Wouldn’t 10mm or 12mm give you an easier time finding bearings?


I’m just wondering from the perspective of those who may have a stepped 10mm to 8mm axle with standard 8mm length wanting to experiment w/wide hubs using what they already have. Popping in a differently sized bearing is typically more convenient than getting a new axle if available.

10mm - 12mm axles are definitely ideal for wider hubs though.


@marketthrowaway Nice question/comment.
The axels I made for those hangers are 53mm long, (10mm dia. is 19mm long, & 8mm dia. is 34mm long.) The hanger width is 250mm.

The risk of bent axels is not worth it to me. (I currently have a 240mm hanger with a bent long 8mm axel on my bench) Cough… @cfelzien …Cough…
I feel like we are at a point in Esk8 where aftermarket spacers for stretched tires should NOT be a thing, rather, proper wider hubs are being offered with the “standard” bearing to bearing distances. (24mm ish…?) I’m currently playing with a 50mm wide hub as we speak.


Hubba hubba! :star_struck:

Received these beauties in record time from US->NL and that’s despite all the global shipping issues rn.

Neatly wrapped and packed. Beautifully crafted. Strong, lightweight and curiously sexy. And that’s just @Savage1 himself! :laughing:

Can’t wait to get these on the Luukie hubs! Great work, @Savage1!


I still got to adjust the mount angle but I’m loving these 60t kegel pulleys :star_struck:
Thank you @Savage1 your fab skills are top notch :call_me_hand:


Tried the same with my man @Savage1, package got lost two times in a row. :laughing: