Saturn is coming to town! | LA - SD|

Saturn is coming to town! | LA - SD|

  • where it is happening - SoCal
  • When it is happening - 01/27/22 - 01/28/22 & 02/12/22 ±1 day
  • what is required - you, your board, brain Bucket
  • who is responsible for this travesty of over indulgence - it’s all my fault
  • is it free or does it costs all the monies - free. Your money is safe unless you want a beer and food if we get some.

Hi guys. I’m driving down to Mexico on Jan 27th and will stop for a night somewhere in LA or San Diego. Would love to ride with peeps since the last time I saw some of you was PDX last year or we ven way before that.

If you’re up for it let me know in the comments and we can stratageise. Probably take me until the evening to get there and go for a dinner and ride before settling in for sleep and starting the next day off with a ride and maybe breakfast before continuing my journey. Will be driving back on the 11 th or 12th of February so if you miss me on the way down you can catch me on the way back.

I have a place I can stay in SD on the 27th but if you want to host me for a night I can pay with my delightful company and booze or something. Lmk!

See you soon! Bringing my carver and maybe MTB


Might be down to ride and meet, I still have only met like 3 people from the forum in person… Feels bad lmao

All that will change at Carve.

Anyways, I’ll be home then I’ll just have to clear with the wife and maybe I’ll bring another friend.

Any idea where you’d wanna ride if you stopped in SD?

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Last time I was there we did the Mission Bay area. That was a nice little ride but I’m down for anything

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Yeah mission bay is a nice ride for sure, La Jolla has a cool one too if you’re down for street riding

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I too am considering San Diego/Mexico around that timeframe… you going very deep into Mexico or staying fairly close to the border? (I will be a borderlet. Or maybe a bordercel would be what the kids would call it these days?)

This is in a couple days, all still good? I think there will be an SDESK8 group ride on Saturday that I was going to attend