Samsung 30q (2.81euro/cell) Groupbuy with the Dutchies [ending]

We (the dutchies) are going to order some 30q’s, We are hoping on a total amount off +600 cells.

You have the chance to join this group buy.

Cost price for a cell: 2.81euro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cost for you: the cells + shipping from belgium to your home


I’m in for 50 cells + a few spares. (Let’s say 60) Are you ordering from nkon? I need a few other supplies from them as well, would be nice to save money on shipping by ordering together.

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Yeps nkon…

if you need fishpaper or nickel… it is out off stock :sweat_smile::rofl:


how you gonna ship these cells to different countries? I thought it was not legal. lol

Shipping cells is not illegal :joy:

I have ground shipped DPD/GLS or I can use UPS :slight_smile:


interesting. rough shipping quote to the UK? postcode SE5 9RS, london

Don’t forget 3% discount!



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Shipping to Madrid Spain?

17 euro

Price update: due the coupon off 3%, cost price for a cell: 2.81euro

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Hey, want to join need 40

I’m in for 60 cells

So, we are going to close the groupbuy. Send me a message with your address ands amount off cells you want.

So I can calculate the total amount you need to pay.



Will write to you on esk8 builders. Cause my account here is new and it seems I can’t write DM’s yet.

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Can I jump in or too late

I have ordered some extra but not that much. How much do you want?

Was looking for 50

Whilst I utilise the search function on this forum and find any current group buys, I thought I would respond to this post in the hopes that one fine person might advise where to buy a genuine Samsung 30Q b8trz


In Australia? @TinnieSinker might be able to help you out?