Sale UK 10s3p 30Q for tayto

10s3p 30Q battery made for Tayto or spud. New £175

Some photos of the construction of the batteries too.

Landyachtz slide gloves new with tags £25

Sets of Haggy tyres and tubes. £55 one set

Ollin Popoca wheels, full set of 4. Used pushing about a bit but not broken in yet.

Dangerous decks Panda? Random small production deck. Nice shape Has inserts. £30

Tayto deck £65 (new)

All from the UK so plus shipping at cost


Das a great deal on the switch!


Definitely interested just need to know the size.
500x140x23mm would it fit?
How much would shipping be to 90628 Sweden?

Wish i could snap up the switchblade and battery, glws!

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That switchblade is the nicest deck I’ve ever stood on. Blew my tits clean off.

All my willpower to not break into Ben’s house in the night and make a cup of tea before taking the deck.

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Kinda wanna buy that switch for a backup in case I break mine lol

If I were you, I wouldn’t buy the same exact deck if I managed to break it. Then again, I don’t think this deck is easy to break by any means lol

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The battery is 460mm x 155mm x 25mm as these are 30T cells, a little bigger than regular 30Q’s.

They just don’t really make these anymore :confused: wish they did.

Loving that board…and the ollins, and the Haggy rubber. I have a Trampa H11 + enclosures , a set of new Hummies and a Kaly Trampa drive I would consider bartering with if you are interested. Not a lot of funds currently, but rich in parts.


Mad for it.