Safety gear, USA, SF Bay Area

I need this stuff to be used . I am 6’1” and 195 lbs because some of you will not know the sizing . If you are local we can meet , you can try it on for fit. If you buy and it just doesn’t fit, pay to ship it back, I’ll refund.

Xl lazy rolling black on black reflective jacket, no pads, small hole in sleeve In picture. I’ll try to wipe it down but let’s say 8/10 for condition , I wore it 3 times.$110 plus shipping
Joe Rocket textile suit, no pads, size L, this is a bit snug on me, better for say5’11 &175lbs. I got it used, never worn it. It has A Grateful Dead patch and a small cut in the side to facilitate headphones.70$ plus shipping

IXS helmet, my kid wore it 3 times 135$ plus shipping

Padded shirt 15$ plus shipping, pads are low density, I use this brand to carry my own pads

This is my summertime riding suit, it’s well used, plenty of life, size 46. I wear a 44 for motorcycle, but for esk8 you want to be auto move. I stuff a lot of armor inside this with me. It comes with no pads. It is perforated so when you are moving it has good airflow. I have ridden it in 95 degree weather, with a pansy load of armor. 60$ plus shipping ( it’s heavy and bulky)
I’m not sure about my DMS sometimes people can’t message me. If anyone actually wants any of this call dibs in the post, then dm me . I don’t want someone to not be able to message and loose out. I’m in Orinda (near Oakland)

Prices are what they are unless you buy more than 1 thing, I just don’t haggle.
If I sell I’ll amend the post. If I violated forum rules, I’m sure someone will let me know, sorry in advance.


Leatt shin/ knee pads SOLD


The armored shirt is spoken for
the textile suit is taken


Knee pads, grey and neon suit, all taken

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The helmet and the lazy rolling jacket are still for sale, make an outfit out of the 2 and ill include a stick to beat the bitches off with.

My suit is still available but now ITS FREE FOR THE COST OF SHIPPING HOORAY!!!

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ok the shirt is now free for the cost of shipping HOORAY!!

why not take the suit and the shirt, hell i might even throw in a shoei RF1200 helmet,you get most of your safety gear free, and have an undeniable cool guy vib

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Do u still have lazy rolling jacket 4 sale