Safety during the large esk8 rides

so a question ive been wondering about for a while about these group rides mostly for these large ones with over 20-50 people maybe even more i have heard of. are there designated safety officers or anyone with safety training to assist the injured. only just recently i have put a first aid kit in my backpack to keep with me at all times due to my latest incident where i chopped my finger up and didnt have anything with me so a nice puddle of blood on my walk home i left behind for over 1km but at least now i feel prepared for it.

Please let me know of your thoughts or if this is already a thing during these rides. and yes i take safety very seriously as i have had my fair share of experiences.


We just have a first aid kit and if anything more serious goes down we call an ambulance. No biggie


ah cool thats good to know, but those that carry the first aid kit. Have they been trained accordingly? if the atendee applies the incorrect technique it could cause more damage?

I mean we’re in SF we have medical professionals out on the rides, also if anything super serious where to happen the first aid kit wouldn’t do crap

Not to sound chastising but for the most part people who carry first aid kits usually know how to use it’s supplies. Yes I can stitch you up. It may not be pretty but it’ll get you to a hospital.

But as @Kellag mentioned, most times one of the riders is experienced to handle the carnage.


ah nice thats good to hear at least.

And could get you in legal trouble… unfortunately

a small can of accelerant never heard of this stuff before what is it?

It makes the super glue dry instantly, and can be used to seal small cuts. Machinists tend to do that sometimes :sweat_smile:

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ah i see thats pretty cool helps with closing up gashes

I’m not a legal expert but the 1st Aid/CPR classes I take annually preach that there are “good samaritan laws” that protect someone trying to help in a first aid situation if they are not acting in a professional capacity. But the bottom line is that if I’m on a ride with you and you are bleeding out in front of me, I won’t hesitate to slap a trauma pad on you or even turn my belt into a tourniquet to keep you from leaking out all over the place. The last thing on my mind will be legal trouble. Stay safe, y’all :v:


Minimize risk wherever you can is a good policy. I hope never to use my trauma pads but I carry them with my full first aid kit everywhere… you never know🍺


That funny because im first aid certified too. Have been for a good 8 years because of my work. And they’ve always warned about liability for people “trying to help” when they don’t know what they’re doing.

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i actually just picked up a first aid kit today. been needing to get one for a while now but only really wish i had it with me yesterday haha.

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Having a kit is a lifestyle. You can’t just leave it sitting there and hope it works when you need it. USE IT. Open it often, use stuff, replace with new stuff. Add to it as you learn. Take useless stuff out… those little hello kitty band aids? Out. I just cary tape and gauze to make whatever size “band-aid” I need… and so on…

Oh yeah… superglue or dermabond is almost a first aid kit in a bottle. Have some of that in there✌️

My minimalist first aid kit is

  • black pepper (good for packing a wound that won’t stop bleeding)
  • maxi pad (honestly soak up blood better than gauze)
  • athletic tape (works better than most medical tape)
  • super glue (you know what this is for)
  • a joint ( yep )

This is great for a car first aid kit too.
Not only is it safe to use on heavy bleeding wounds.
But it can fix a radiator long enough to get you home or to a shop

No wonder you’re worried about legal trouble, running around stuffing black pepper into open wounds :rofl:

Seriously, though, never heard of it, awesome:

Question: How do I fix my radiator with black pepper? :call_me_hand:

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You can pack a wound with black pepper to stop an artery from bleeding out because the black pepper is soft enough not to hurt you if it gets into your bloodstream.

the same thing works for holes in your radiator as it is soft enough to not hurt the internals of your motor. But it will clog the holes in the radiator or at least slow them down.


Yeah i saw that after i posted lol

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