Safest way to run dual battery 4wd?

Proceeding slowly and doing as much research as I can on this. What is the consensus on the safest most reliable way to run my board in 4wd with a 16s5p and a 16s3p, both with charge only BMS one llt smart and one Daly dumb.

I’ve read through many posts regarding parallel packs and ive learnt it comes with a few risks. My thoughts were have the front and rear ESC’s separate with the 5p on the rear and 3p for the front. Then rather than running split pwm or canbus instead have two receivers paired to one remote.

Any thoughts on this or better ideas? Should I just parallel and stick to split pwm that I’m currently using?

The issue with running each vesc with a different battery is one battery will run low much sooner than the other. That will put more strain on the smaller pack.

What I would do is get the batteries as close in voltage as you can (must be below 0.1 V), and connect them in parallel. You would also wire a charge port to charge both in parallel. You would want to have both discharge leads connect, then you’d want to have them split again so that you could connect to both vescs. This means that from the viewpoint of the vescs, they are both pulling from one battery, even though it’s 2 batteries in parallel.

This will allow both batteries to go up and down in charge at the same rate/time and will keep the batteries (specifically the smaller one) in better health over time. It will also make charging easier as you don’t have to charge them individually.

It is true that there are some risks doing this, but from what I understand, the main issues are in the setup, not use. As long as you are careful while setting up (specifically making sure the batteries are equally charged before connecting), I think that it’s the best option.


Good to hear… maybe it would be an idea to change out the Daly so I can keep a closer eye on that pack?
Parallel would be simpler. I think I just need some reassurance lol.

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Ordinarily yes. I know in this case the front motors are smaller and drawing less amps than the rear so the discrepancy in how fast battery drains will probably be far less significant in this instance.

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Yeah the 5p runs the rears quite well and is enough to get the motors and ESC hot. That’s one of the reasons why I considered having them separate

@Takachi14 since I think he’s done a number of dual batteries

don’t be mistaken, the “dual” battery u see is just another p group :rofl:

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yup i run dual battery packs of the same cell and pack config on 4wd to keep temp build up for both packs low as well as current pull while still maintaining the ability to have a high discharge.


In parallel?


How have you got your remote setup?

uhh i just have it connected to one of my vesc that i dub the main vesc and controls everything via canbus