Rules of buying and selling

@mmaner or @longhairedboy would you mind enlightening us with your wisdom

PayPal friends and family?

Bank transfer?

Shipping untracked?

Shipping companies?


PayPal with Goods and services so both parties are protected. Friends and family only with people you trust or personally know.


I use paypal but not friends and family. I only use that with people I know I can absolutely trust. Otherwise it’s good’s and services.

I don’t mind paying someones PayPal with my reg debit card.

Also a handy tool to help with actual total cost


That tool is much better than the one I was using, thank you!

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What about shipping services is untracked fine

Can all companies be used

I don’t see why shipping tracked should be that big of an issue… Pro tip, print labels from paypal.


I can give you some pointers on shipping. I would try one of the brokers if you’re sending from the UK. I don’t use Parcel2go any more as they are very slow to rectify any problems and each line of a chat takes 1 day. Parcelmonkey can come back with some competitive quotes sometimes, but I will always go with interparcel now because of the live chat and the speed which they chase stuff up if there is a rare problem. Of the services they use, parcelforce seems best, hermes is slowest with random tracking. I would always get tracking with any of them. Parcelforce i skip the extra insurance and have now sent enough and avoided paying so much insurance I could probably take the hit on a lost item.

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I use parcel hero their ok

Wrong. Only buyer is protected. I hope you never find out why.

I say : If you decide to use Friends and Family Payment , you forfeit the right to complain about the relating product.

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The Parcelforce insurance is not great anyways in case the item gets damaged. They damaged 2 PCs that I sent with them before, and was not able to claim the insurance for them after trying for weeks. Their reason was that they don’t cover PCs, but they don’t mention that anywhere at all.

Although you can get discounts for them in case you don’t know that already. There is 15% off code that changes from time to time, and also if you or anyone you know has a student email ( you can get 40% off through Unidays.

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As I see it , everyone here knows the benefits of paying via Goods and Services (Buyer/Seller Protection) it leaves you avenues to ensure that an appropriate body (that can actually do so something) can potentially handle the situation.

By paying Via Friends and Family , one forfeits this potential protection. With no where else to go , some users decides to come in here, the discord , or subreddit and try to call out or Shame the person into “justice”, despite having forfeited a more effective method just to save some bucks.

I believe that since one has decided to forfeit Paypal’s Protection , they have also forfeited the right to complain (here on the forums).

If the forum had a Wall of Scam though , I would support that a user could submit an Scammer to the Mods (given screenshot evidence of course), but they will not have a right to make a “It’s been 4 months and…” due to using a method that is advise against here on the forum.

I personally don’t like PayPal. They charge a lot for service that’s mediocre at best. I don’t believe the “buyer protection” can do real justice in most cases. I also don’t believe it’s needed if people use some judgement before buying from someone on the forum. Checking one’s history on the forum is all it takes to decide whether they can be trusted.

Nonetheless, if someone clearly gets scammed, I personally would want to know that. I mean the really clear cases. Like you paid money to someone and they didn’t even bother to ship the item to you. Of course if it’s an unclear cause like something wasn’t exactly as advertised; buyer is not happy; seller doesn’t feel like they have done anything wrong; they come here to argue about it… that’s another story. I wouldn’t want that kind of thing happen here either.

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I do get your point though. It makes sense.

Plus, we’re probably not in an argument here. I guess what you’re saying is that you don’t want the people to use the forum to handle their disputes. If they wanted someone to do that for them they should have paid for the PayPal buyer protection. You’re not opposed to reporting clear scam though if there’s a dedicated place for it.

I would agree , but then Jerry happened.

Yes I see this as a flaw to my reasoning and even with the “Wall of Scam” thing , it may take long for mods to make a decision

Yup exactly, I think a better wording of what I mean would be like you said : You have a right to report a scam , you do not have a right to dispute it out in the open if you paid via the Frirbds

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Am I the only one that doesn’t love “for sale” posts in “Pictures and nothing else”?


I’m with you. It feels out of place.