[Rubik's] First time build - Phase 3

EDIT No.3 I have converted this board yet again to an AT capable ride. I have updated the images to show progression.

EDIT: I now have an Esk8 commuter! I have edited the first post to show the pictures. I still consider this 80% complete as I need to update the grip, mount bracket, new wheels, one of those x-plate brackets, general upgrades/improvements to the build. But the main thing is, I have done approx. 100km without any catastrophic failures.

Current Part List:

  • Deck = Santa Cruz 41£ Concave
  • Trucks = Front TB 218mm Rear Evolve DKP
  • Wheels = 6” AT Evolve
  • Mount/Drive kit = Evolve mount and motor bracket, 15mm belts, 15T pulley
  • Motor = TB 6374mm 190kv x 2 (cut shaft with Dremel to fit within AT wheels)
  • ESC = Focbox Unity
  • Battery = TB 12s4p + their enclosure badly fitted to my deck
  • Charger = TB 4A charger (blew up my 2A one :))
  • Remote = TB Mini remote
  • Safety Gear = Triple 8 helmet, G-force elite joint pads
  • Miscellanous parts:
    • JST plug 2.0mm pitch + crimp cable to extend and fit the Hall sensors to Focbox.
    • XT90 to XT60 adapter from battery to Focbox connector
    • Heat shrink for soldered connections
    • Foam and insulation tape for diy seal between deck and enclosure
    • Grub screws for TB motor mount clamps
    • Blue loctite for everything
    • Wine, beer
    • Speaker for motivation with classical
    • Foam for space between components in enclosure
    • Winows emulator for my Mac to run Focbox tool
    • Matches to shrink wrap :slight_smile:
    • Cable braid that I later took off because its a fuck
    • Sticky cable clips for neater cables

Day 1 - dismantle my longboard

Stage 2 - Order stuff

Stage 3 - Mock install

Stage 4 - Wait for delivery

Stage 5 - Install more stuff!

Stage 6 - Solder stuff because I didn’t check compatible components :slight_smile:

Stage 7 - Drill my deck for the enclosure :scream: and add foam, holes and stuff

Stage 8 - Connect Focbox (nervously) to battery and to motors and PC

Stage 9 - Yes, you guessed it, scream like a little girl receiving a pony for Xmas and ride her to work!

Stage 10 - Break the sound barrier

Stage 11 - Thank @dareno @Tinniesinker @torqueboards @brenternet @b264 for their specific help/comments on my parts list as well as all the threads I have read on this forum and the ‘old’ one.

——-—-——————PHASE 2 - New Deck and AT Wheels———————-———-

——-——-PHASE 3 - Revamp original deck and install Evolve AT Kit——————-

PHASE 3.1 - remove and rotate the front trucks as I put them the wrong way round and fell off when pulling away :smiley:

So I have spent a good year on the builders forum and a month on here reading and chiming in every now and then so I’ve decided to finally start. I was reluctant to type first build until I had actually pulled the trigger and bought my first parts - which I have.

Whilst researching for what seems like an age has been great to give me a head start, I also feel like the game has changed so many times that I’m just going to wing this hard.

Deck: Santa Cruz 41” Concave - Existing board, now worried it is too flexible
Trucks: TB’s 218mm (paid)
Wheels: TB’s 97mm (paid)
Motor: TB’s 6374 190kv x2 (paid)
Drive: TB’s motor mount kit (outwards), 15mm belt, 16T Motor Pulley (paid)
ESC: Either - 2 x TB’s ESC or 2 x single FSESC6.6 over the Dual, or Unity (not convinced on dual) (not paid)
Controller: No idea yet
Battery: 12s4p with C/D BMS - One built by someone on here and one built by me

Riding down hills on this desk I have definitely become unconfident when the ground becomes slightly rough and now thinking how will this feel going 35km/h+?

If anyone has any recommendations for a good stiff deck that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg I’d appreciate it.

Also, I have done a lot of reading between single and dual ESC, and after reading the pro’s and con’s I’m still not sure whether to stick with dual and be simpler, or go with single and be safer.

I’m hoping @TinnieSinker will still be keen to make me a battery and I’m also going to set about building my own battery too - I am planning on having multiple boards, so my thinking was that I could use a pre-made pack by someone with experience and copy/learn from it.

This excites me…


Cool stuff mate. 35km/h??? 12s on 16/36 with 97’s will get you up in the 40’s


Maybe find yourself a 40 evo or subsonic century. Something that is very stable at high speeds.

As for remotes then if you want cheap reliable then either the benchwheel diy version or the maytech sextoy. Both have been flawless for me. If you want to spend then either the hoyt puck or if you have time to wait then @DerelictRobot awesome OSSR is a game changer.


good luck! its gonna look awesome

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You can fit these guys too :slight_smile: 160mm All Terrain Tire Kit TB160


They look like I need them

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Ah I still haven’t got used to speaking kmh from mph…

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I like that deck you have there a lot. Use it and just take it easy. There really is no magic formula for high speed and being able to carve around. Even on something like an evo it takes a lot of practice going 40 mph. Not something you should just do. If you use the ackmaniac firmware to program the vescs you can limit the top speed. Have you ever ridden an esk8?

Thanks yeah I’ve had a lot of fun along the beach on it. No esk8 experience, just motor racing and downhill skate adrenaline experience…

I had deffo thought about limiting the speed in the settings as that adrenaline side kicks in and all sense is lost.

The remote mentioned above - I read the thread and it looks amazing! Will keep it simpler/cheaper for my first build. I’m aware that I need to just make something simple, get some experience and then I can have fun tinkering and modding.

Is there much difference between the flipsky and TB ESC? I’m struggling with how to choose either one?

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@Swish The TB ESC is basically a stock 4.x ESC. I wouldn’t recommend it for 12S, especially with 190KV motors: At full charge you’re right up beyond the safe (60,000) ERPM limit, and there are too many instances of those shitting the bed at inopportune times. They’re alright for 10S and below but lack the continuous power capability for prolonged riding - they heat up and thermally throttle pretty fast under heavy load.

I’d highly recommend something 6.x based for 12S - totally reworked design, makes them much more tolerant of high voltage and higher ERPM (The official vesc6 is tested to 200K+ ERPM IIRC), and many have an aluminum heatsink/heat spreader to improve long-term performance.

You may want to consider changing your gearing: Maybe drop down to a 14 or 15t motor pulley, and/or increasing your wheel pulley size - 40MPH is pretty fast when you’re only ~4" off the ground with nothing to grab onto for dear life.


Thanks - appreciate the explanation between the ESC’s. I think i’ll Sit down for a few hours reading up on the ESC logic and will give the range/speed a consideration also.


Find some focboxes. They are rock solid on 12s and it was a sad day when they left me…

They come up from time to time and if you beat me to the sale they are yours.

On your marks get set…


For ESC look at

Foxbox classic
Foxbox Unity
Flipsky 6.6

Don’t bother with 12s it will only make things more likely to fail on first build you don’t need the mental speed most people ride about the 20 mph range why most production boards cap out 22mph ish think 8-10s is my advice leave 12s for a upgrade down the line when you replace battery’s

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I like this deck a lot but enclosure fitting would be your challenge.

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@J0ker has that deck

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He recommended it to me and I have it now too :smiling_imp:


you cant go wrong with focbox’s man, work great and ride like butter


IMO choose an enclosure first, then get the deck it goes with :slight_smile:

I think I’d only go dual esc if it’s a Unity, or I had some extreme space constraints. Unity is great for first timers.

4.12 isn’t that bad. I think I’d go with hobbyking vesc before flipsky or TB though. HK will replace units that blow up for no reason.


Just go 12mph and carry your bejazzled iphone in one hand and your starbucks in the other! Life is short, yolo it.

(This is exactly what I do, I operate my remote through pure hatred, it’s in my pocket)


Actually. I think its a TB 12s uni, but its sits well enough on the deck that with a little heat gun and molding, it will be a perfect fit.

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I love this advice. So great that I’ve ordered pretty much everything other than the enclosure haha

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