Riser incorporating XT-90s and Lights

been thinning about how the XT90 Loop key sticks out the side on my last build and not a fan of how venerable it feels. Considering my current build in progression has a unity and DieBieMS I would like to mainly use a momentary switch but with a loopy as a back up just in case. started looking for a neater alternative discreet place to hide it and @Skunk suggested


11mm Riser for Loopkey by niuva

I quite like how neat discreet and out the way it would be. The down side was I had intended to put some head lights there. After some thinking about how to have my cake and eat it I ordered a pair of

with the idea of combining them all iv come up with.

has any one got any experience using car daylight running lights on a esk8? what’s the light like and will I need to worry about the angle their mounted at? what material should I be thinking about printing it in? PETG?


great idea, only thing those lights are pretty dim. i have them on one of my boards.

they won’t do much for lighting up your path, just letting others see you better.


Bought those lights in red; turned out to be orange. xd Can concur they are just for visibility.

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Thanks thought it might be 110 lumins from 9w is awfully. modern LED are quoting 700ish lumins from 9w.

Guessing it’s to do with a very wide angle and China over estimating there power. There just a grate little size and package to stay permanently on the board. Will have to look in to getting some thing I can attach and detach as well for when it’s more than just a trip to the shops or pub.

Another option


The charge port and loop key is killer. I hate having a loop key on the side and cutting holes in enclosures for them. Could also put a momentary power button opposite the charge port as well.

Quick update

This is my first print with the 3d printer so still some tweaking to get a decent print out of it. Any tips welcome

Made a big mistake and filled in to much of the head light surround so the truck base dosent fit I had thort about it then forgot when I made the STL File but this is a easy alteration to make as I just need to chop out a L shape on watch side.