Riptide r1 delayed remote, what are the causes?

Hello folks,

I have this riptide r1 that I’d like to take to work with me,

Something that annoyed me a lot, is some sort of delay when I accelerate or break,

Anyone know what could cause this? Is ot a feature of this type of esc, or could I improve it by putting an additional antenna.

Could I possibly put a vx1 receiver on the esc?

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Sounds like a lingyi esc 3 years ago

@xsynatic how long was those delay again? Like 1s?


It is a lingy esc, and it is about 1s delay… mhh, such an annoying feeling :joy:

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Pretty much, yeah.

in that case, there is nothing u can do except vesc it


I do have a vesc to use on itz but it seems a shame throwing this working esc away.

Is it not possible to hard wire another receiver and remote? Vx1 or mini remote?



I am unsure about the ones from 3 years ago (although I think mine are at least the old if not older), but I do know that using a different Ling-Yi remote that isn’t the one made for the ESC you have can cause that delay. It is fixed by figuring out what remote also works/ is supposed to work with the ESC you have.

You might be able to dig around online and see if anyone has found a replacement remote that works with that version of the ESC. Usually the replacements sold by the company who made the board are marked up way too much so people who have broken or lost theirs look to find cheaper ones that are compatible.

At least that was the case for the Meepo ESCs. They wanted $70 a remote but a 100% compatible remote with a slightly smaller screen was like $25 on amazon.

Don’t fuck around with the extra unused pins on Ling-Yi escs. Putting the wrong signal on any of them can put the unit into an unwanted mode. I put one of mine into what I called a “testing” mode where the power button input was disabled and the automatic power down after some amount of time doing nothing was disabled.


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Even the stock one gives you the delays.

This is the genuine riptide prints remote. Is the very old version, with the switch button on the bottom and a 3 way switch to select speed mode.

I believe is the way it is, only if it was easy enough to wire a standard rc remote, not worth spending too much time on it.

Could be they sold it with the wrong remote and decided it was close enough/ worked well enough and saved them however much it would cost to get the proper remote made :thinking:

@frame that is what google is for to see if anyone else has figured it out for you already :rofl: Although how much you find depends on how many people have bought their boards. It was pretty easy to find one for Meepo’s esc version

The problem is that Ling-Yi doesn’t really release any specs or diagrams for their boards so there is no way to know which pins could be used to add a new receiver so that another remote could be used.

Their receivers are built into the ESC itself and aren’t a separate module like you see for VESCs. If someone else hasn’t already posted about remote alternatives online then it likely isn’t worth it to keep using if that delay is an issue for you.

No need to toss the ESC though since maybe it could still be used for some future board or project where the delay doesn’t really matter.

it was straight from meepo so i doubt it.

I meant that riptide themselves didn’t think it was necessary to get a new remote version made to match the new ESC for their boards. It was made back when esk8 was newer and where people likely wouldn’t know it could be better.

The company doesn’t seem to even exist anymore these days which I think is a pretty good indicator of their quality :rofl:

@Vsfamurri This remote is apprently compatible with the R1 but I don’t know if the delay issue is fixed by it

However, it is worth considering that they decided to keep changing what ESC they use WITHOUT changing the name for the board. So there is no good way to even know if the person that remote worked for had the same R1 as you or not. This information was straight from what looks like one of their official accounts. Now I’m really not surprised they’re not around anymore


I think riptide purchased all the electronic components as a kit, and have them rebranded, so they probably didn’t even get to acknowledge any detailed informations about their own product, just the supplier telling them “THIS BATCH NEW, DIFFERENT, WORK BETTER” and they would just translate the messages into marketing English.

I remember seeing a post on Reddit where riptide sold this delay something as “throttle curve fine tuned for a smoother acceleration” which might just be the actual reason, since the Motors run sensorless, and I guess at the time sine wave wasn’t a thing, maybe this gradual acceleration curve allowed for a smoother acceleration.

In fact, if you slightly touch the trigger, you don’t get delay, the Motors react straight away, you only feel the delay when riding, when you actually trying to pick up a bit of speed, is like you have a very weird throttle curve where from 3 to 20% is extremely slow. This makes me think the problem is not between the remote and the receiver.

Just theories

I noticed some comments that were saying how you could get all the parts they used from another store and have the same board in the end. Which is odd since you would think if you are going to kickstart an esk8 board it would be because one or more critical parts are being produced specifically for your board.

At least these days companies wouldn’t be able to get away with kickstarting a premade board made entirely from off the shelf parts.

Is that delay on all 3 speed modes? I could maybe see it being for the lowest option since you want realy weak acceleration and top speed for beginners, but on the highest option it should not be throttled at all. i don’t even use the 4 mode on my board since the acceleration is too fast. really wish they had 5 modes so that way the 5th would be max acceleration and then the 4th would be a better step between 3 and 5

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I’ve put it back together all stock, is going to be living in my car’s boot and used as a tender when I go for lunch :joy:, or to injure some strangers that want “try” it.

I’ve looked at the delay, is not really a delay, the throttle is responsive, is just very slow on the ramping