RIP: hi5ber your carbon fiber decks shall be missed

Moment of silence for hi5ber :headstone:

RIP: 8/4/22

All existing hi5ber decks are now promoted to unobtainium


Oof that sucks to hear. Sounds like they still have outstanding orders that are getting refunded, so that means there’s probably zero stock to get clearanced as well.

This is EXTREMELY sad to hear about.

I’ve always had a place for their decks in the back of my mind, knowing that someday I’ll build a mini cruiser with their 33". But what do you know, project after project, always pushing this one further and further back. If I knew this was gonna happen previously, I would’ve pulled the trigger a long time ago.

RIP Hi5ber, and good luck to everyone who worked there in the future

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