Retro roller group buy sets for sale.

After doing the group buy for these wheels i have a few sets left over.The wheels fit 2,75 inch hubs, so they fit smaller tires like haggys and 6x2s. These will not be made again since they became a passion project and were expensive to produce. The hubs fit kegel style pulleys and fit standard eskate axles.
265 euro (per set) excl shipping and paypal fees.
Nothing left to see here guys hahaha

International shipping is aprox 25 euros insured and signed.

If you have no kegel pulleys, there are also pulley designs from me on thingyverse for various sets of trucks, if you want a pulley designed for fitment on your truck lmk. There are also some other additions on it such as a modifiable hub cap for the diy guy.


Precision on these is top notch and the bearing seat and outer wheel seat shape have been turned instead of milled.

For more info on these look up “Retro roller group buy” or “luukjes hubs”


They look sick as fuck on the board. I got a sample set a while back.


FFF WHY I just bought a set of wheels!

I hope to heck a set of these is still around when I can get them.

freaking beautiful.

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Any chance you will ever get these made again in the future? The red ones look so good but right now I can’t run tires unless I want to get flats constantly due to road debris NEVER getting cleaned in TX. I’d hate to miss out completely if this is the only run of them though.

Edit: never mind I can’t read ignore me being dumb pls

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I would just buy them and hold on to them if you want a set.

Have you tried flat-out? Sounds like you don’t ride all that fast so I imagine you wouldn’t run into any balance issues, when I ran it I never got flats and I ride through construction zones all the time.

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have you every tried the 6x2 tires in the picture? they are hearty and might actually survive the debris. Plus you can ride them (slowly) when flat since it’s got hard sidewalls.

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I thought I’d get flats all the time because of the construction/road debris in my area. It’s unincorporated county so it doesn’t get much attention or cleanup. But I’m now over a thousand miles into pneumatics, and haven’t ever had a flat… knock on wood.

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If it sounds like that it was only because hub motors aren’t great for speed. :rofl: I’m still on default VESC settings for motor currents but do plan to increase them once my leg muscles are prepared. :rofl: I refuse to just use harder bushings so I can go faster sooner since doing that would make carving suck.

No, I have tried no tires, but it is so bad that I’ve pulled glass shards out of thane wheels on several occasions and have to dodge stuff like screws, and other metal debris that would easily mess up a car tire.

With my luck I’d get a flat on my first ride on them :rofl: Also just haven’t felt the need for them since just switching to a belt drive has drastically added more smoothness to my rides compared to hub motors. So right now even rough surfaces feel comfortable to ride on.

Future me will likely think otherwise hence me asking if these will ever become available again. Kind of hard to justify buying something purely for the aesthetics if I can buy them again if I wait long enough. Easier to justify if these won’t ever be made again though



Thank you for pointing out my inability to fully read the posting. :+1: I completely missed that bit or read it and then immediately forgot it :rofl:

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Those are unobtainium aren’t they?

edit: Oh, I see the other photos now. You mean the Clever 6x2


Its one of the reasons i made hubs for them, you can get home on a flat. Also put them on with some grease and ride them in and they will treat you good.

Do they have less sidewall roll on these hubs since theyre widened?
I ran them for a little bit on bergs and wasnt a big fan

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Yes they are according to people riding them. Ive noticed they want to stretch a bit uneven, thats why id recommend to use some grease and ride them in.

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Good deal, nice to know that option is there.
Still got some floating around.

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@xsynatic we are sold out babyyy

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I want to thank everybody for their support of this project. It makes me very proud to think people are riding these!

More awesome projects coming very soon.


Good, I’ll go to thingyverse and look at your ideas. What else do you have to offer?