Request - Double Kingpin Trucks with the longest Kingpin for Tall Bushings

Hello All,

Been riding my Evolve trucks for a while now, Been running Riptide APS Fatcone on Boardside and an Eliminator on roaside on the rears combined with Knuckles on the Pin closest to the road.

The rebound on the rear was solid and stable even at 45kph.

Ran the same on the fronts for a while but felt a lack of turn for DKP considering theres much more turn possible.

After a while riding Trucks Ronins/Arsenels/Caliber III’s that are set up with Tall bushings 19mm-21mm 0.75 - 8 inch. Ive grown an appreciation for Tall bushings on Roadside

@RipTideSports, @Razillian So i decided to squish and old Ronin 88A Yellow Boardside on my front, after some preload compression managed to get the fit. and the turn of the board was significantly improved. though also the front angle increased ever so slightly due to the fit of the pivot cups (small gap unless weight was applied to the deck)

Are there any brands out there that have longer kingpins for DKP or any people making DKP that have considered such improvements?

from what ive found it’s almost like comparing Krank bushings to WFB bushings in terms of Lean/Turn increase without the loss of rebound. Im rather surpised ive yet to find any brands that have played with such concepts. considering the boards manurvurablity increasese almost such as running a much shorter wheelbase while retaining the stablity of longer wheelbase giving the Surf feel. (considering thats the selling point of DPK why are these so difficult to find i would have been surpised had i been the only person to consider such improvements).

From what i can tell, the market of DKP trucks has a huge Gap missing with the above lacking noticing what @Razillian has made which is extemley well refined longer kingpins/adjusted bushings seats to compinsate would make for the best DKP thats ever been.

Keep in mind having so much Lean does risk Enclosure touchng the ground though ealisy compinsated for by running harder duros and the ajustments to Hangar for the kingpin height.

Personally going to consider filling down by Evolve trucks to expose more of the kingpin to see how well that handles.


Aren’t the kingpins removable on your trucks?

Yes they are removeable however the risk is to tall and the first set of washers scrape against the second set. there would have to have been a slight ajustment to geometry or the width of the Pivots to allow for such movement. second concern would have been the roadside bushings scraping the boardsides - roadside cup washer.

Raz has made some DKP parts based around the surf rodz TKP geometry. I own a set and theyre excellent. Not sure if he has any left though.


@patrickcleary this might be helpful for your wobbly boys, that’s about the speed you mentioned getting oscillations

Its defiantly a winning combo. when run front and rear makes for a very Carvy though reboundy ride. though sharper returns to center at speed. though had you just wanted to floor it i’d expect 55kph stable on straights.

Just prefering the flow of Tall bushings replacing the above Combo on the front.

Got one Randal shoter cone/ one ronin tall. considering and eliminator but its to damn diffucult to compress the Tall already. and still retain some rebound.


In my opinion, tall bushings can cause more problems than they solve. One of the main issues is the taller you go, the harder they need to be to achieve the same lean angle as a shorter bushing. The system will lean further because a taller bushing deforms more than a shorter one. As you go harder, rebound goes down which is often not the desired result. Currently the longest DKP kingpins are in Exway and Flipsky 13.78" trucks. There is already excessive lean and instability inherent in DKP’s which is why we brought out our kits, to save some skin, and possibly some lives.


Interesting insight! For DPK could understand the instablity concerns. for RKP Ive always gone tall when possible - Boardside priorty. I do find that the rebound does drop (though there are some decent forumals out there) however what increases is the plushness of the ride.

I was always surpised how i could ride a Maple deck/90mm wheels and feel the road. though with tall bushings sudenly i felt the road though much more calmly and stable. ( i remember running WFB Tall fat cone/ tall cone) 83A on my Hubs made my hubs last much longer and made my ride increably stable though that formula is quite impressive for eating vibrations effectly

Surprisily running 97mm wheels did not give the same (slightly wider CP) though again bushings are not wheels.