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Hi all, I am a new staff member of MAXKGO. My name is Jack, and my last post broke the rules (not sure what). And I saw several MAXKGO accounts on this forum, which seem to have been abandoned for a long time. So now I’m here to take all questions and feel free to contact me. i like this kind of thing

No body have any questions?

yes i have a question, why did maxkgo copy someone’s bms design and profiting off of it?

if u don’t have answer, go ask ur boss or whoever “r&d” that bms in ur copy and paste department


nah, not really


Which product do you think is problematic?

all of em :joy:

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So do you think it is unethical for BMS to be similar to others?

if by similar you mean a discount spitting image of the original, no credit


in addition to another bms of yours claiming to have been made in collaboration to another bms designer, to which they have said you have not been in contact,

double yes


Is it developed based on the open source materials of DieBieMS and ENNOID BMS? And I remember this is available for free


don’t gloss over yout blatant copy of the zbms

(btw, having a bms that uses OS designs, usually means it’s “based on x project” rather than “in collaboration with x”)


its a 1:1 copy bms, and ur company didn’t even bother to rewrite the documentation.

don’t even try to argue, its a copy and paste product, we all know that.

You can check out this video link:

what makes it different from this?

It already says “based on x project”

same same


Admittedly the appearance is basically the same. If you can prove that the materials inside are the same, then let’s talk. We haven’t even seen what ZBMS looks like, we’ve only seen pictures. So what you mean is that we can’t make our own BMS by referring to the appearance design of ZBMS? No matter how it is designed in this size, it is destined to be similar, because if you want to have other functions, you must add materials, and the volume cannot not change. Perhaps only engineers can understand this. So I think your concept is ridiculous

this was like the chinese defense contractors claiming that stealth technology made it destiny that the new chinese fighter jet has to look remarkably similar to the F-35/F-22

and if you just looked at pictures of the zbms, why does it function exactly the same if you claim to have never seen the internals? and the same dimensions? you asked to copy someone else’s homework

and didnmt even mention their name or that you took inspiration


or the xiaomi su7 is similar to porsche taycan

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But EV performance destines it to look like a taycan! clearly