Replace double king pin trucks?

Hey guys, I was wondering if there was any “drop through” tucks that aren’t double kingpin? I’m looking to replace the ones that came on my carbon AT board. I’m not a fan of the speed wobbles at higher speeds because they are harder for me to control. I need some pretty wide ones. I just can’t find anything online because I don’t know what to search for.

You ever looked into dkp stabilizers? I’m pretty sure @RedBaron makes them

I have not. Doesn’t look like they are on his site. How do they work?

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If you get a different baseplate, you can use the evolve axle/hanger

I thought evolve boards used double king pins?

You can take the middle kingpin completely off to make it tkp if I’m not wrong

You mean this thing?

Yeah, and then use it as single kingpin

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Yes, but you’ll notice the angle isn’t quite right with the evolve baseplate and hanger without the middle piece. If you look at other tkp baseplates, the pivot cup has a slight angle whereas the evolve pivot cup is flat/vertical.

Got a link to any that will work as a single kp without angle issues?

I just tried it on mine and it’s angled like the evolve.

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The other thing when taking out the middle part is it makes the board much lower to the ground and angled downward. Are there any other options?

Just top mount it or something with some standard trucks

I tried standard caliber 2 trucks and they didn’t work.

Do you have a link to any trucks that will work? Mine are like evolve and don’t work because of the angle.

You need a tkp baseplate, not an rkp. Google rkp vs tkp trucks and you’ll see the difference.

“Independent” baseplates may work or trampa makes some tkp baseplates too

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Would either of these work? Is the evolve one angled?

Sorry to bother you so much :sweat_smile:

Or either of these?


Thank you!!

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