Replace cheap bms with Good 6s bms 30a/ 45a

Hey guys!! I’m using 3×2s lipos im series with bms just for charging. My bms is cheap one, it gets hot while charging, but not super hot, you can toch it no problem. Is that normal?

So the first 2times I charge it, cells were in between 4.21/ 4.19 total voltage 25.2v

Today I charge it again and the charger indicator is greem but in not fully charged. Cells are between 4.10/ 4.13 total voltage is 24.7v

I never let battery cells blow 3.6v.

I don’t feel confortable with this bms, it might not be reliable. Do you think I can balance charge its lipo with balance charger and then replace bms with a good 6s bms 45A for charging and discharge?

By the way I’m monitoring each cell with the lipo alarm shown on the photo blow

Normally they will get a little hot when charging / balancing cells.

How much current are you running through it? What charger do you have, and is it wired for discharge or is it wired as a bypass? The BMS might be okay, but it would help to have a link to the product page as well. Specs/ technical data are important

My charger is 25.2v 2A.
I’m running bms bypass, only for charging.

Thing is first times I got if fully charged with cells balanced and now is not fully charging and cells are no balanced.

This is the link for the bms

Oh lol I just noticed the picture of the charger. Yeah that BMS is REAlly cheap I probably would try out another one if you are seeing the cells inconsistently balanced. Something more around 15-20 bucks is probably better, we are talking about the most dangerous part of the board here.

I personally wouldn’t trust my 80 bucks worth of batteries and risk them catching on fire to a 3 dollar bms.

Edit: Here is a better one