Remote not powering on

I have this remote:

It’s great but all of a sudden it won’t power on. I thought it was out of charge but it seems it needs a “jump start” of sorts. Meaning if I plug it in, it powers up right away and works just fine until I shut it off. I thought it might be the physical button but I can power it off no problem.

Figured I would ask before I replace it.

Crack it open yet? Might as well take a look inside.

How is this remote when it does work
I love the Star Trek style.

Beam me forward Shawty


One of mine had the same problem at some point.
Lipo was puffed and one of the poles was broken.
I put in another lipo from a MCPX rc helicopter and it was good as new.

I had a maytech v2 do the same thing. It was an issue in the PCB. The charge circuit traces broke. They sent me a new one.

If it’s your battery I still have the original battery, your welcome to it.

Legendary video by @Arzamenable

Thanks guys! I pulled it apart… didn’t see anything and put it back together. No problems now so I must have scared it. Remote is good, I think I would like something a bit heavier. There is a good size dead zone but I really haven’t played around with my unity to see if I can adjust that