Reinforcing backfire deck

Hey guys,
I have this backfire G2 Black which has seen about 2500km’s, I’m in the process of doing a complete overhaul on it.
I never put in anti-sink plates on it and I noticed cracks starting from the screw-holes (seem to be only on the top layer), as I like the shape and the deck I’m looking to reinforce it somewhat. I’ll add anti-sink plates in all cases.

I have a few options in order of what I’d rather do after plugging the damaged ends and sanding it flat:

  • just put a layer of plain epoxy
  • make a “forged” cf layer
  • Add a layer of carbon fiber, I have some spread tow laying around but it’s a mess to work with
  • Add a layer of fiber glass

I’d rather do one of the first 2 options but I’m not sure it’ll give enough reinforcement to the board so I’m looking for some opinions

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It’s also only $79 for a fresh one… those cracks look pretty significant. I’m sure you could reinforce the deck, but I’d worry about how much flex you’d be sacrificing.

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Plus a lot for shipping :wink:
I won’t order from backfire USA because shipping to Europe is expensive af and on backfires own website it is already 145$ without shipping

Ah, yeah, that’s a shame

I’d rather try out something with what I already have on hand, if it doesn’t work out or I don’t like it I’ll buy another deck. But not a backfire because with everything shipping, import tax, carrier import fee etc., iff I order from backfire USA for example itl’ll be 135€ with shipping + 20% tax + probably another 20-30€ carrier import fee, a bit less from backfire directly but still half the price of a new complete…

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Skinning a deck with fibreglass is pretty quick and easy. I’d be doing that 100%

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Do you think it’ll also work if some of the cracks go trough the board? I just removed everything and it seem the cracks on the holes inwards propagate through the deck… I think I’m going to drill a small 1.5-2mm hole at the end of the cracks to stop the propagation and try and infuse some epoxy with a syringe.
And add a layer of fiberglass on the top and bottom

Fibreglass top and bottom will go a long way. To be honest it sounds pretty cooked and a new deck is probably your best bet, but if you already have glass and resin, then why not.


Yeah I already have glass and resin, and i’m a bit tight on money at this point else I would have bought a new deck

I would do the same!

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I mean I have some similar cracks on my decks but they’re 1000% only one layer of the ply so I just ignore them. :person_shrugging: Or fill them in with wood filler

If they go all the way through, then I’d take a dremel and remove some of the wood near the cracks, and then pour that into the cracks to help reinforce the deck. I’d also fill in that top bit with either plastic wood filler or epoxy just to make it nice and flat again.

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So they went a bit through, not all of them and not completely but just to be on the safe side for the next 2-3000km, put a layer of 120g twill fiberglass on top and bottom and also some smaller pieces to reinforce the front part:
layering the glass (long time not doing that, and difficult in my 5m² workshop crowded af):

and a layer of epoxy to smooth everything, now just painting.

I’ll leave the front/back top parts not painted just to make it look “upcycled” lol

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:partying_face: nice work dude!

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