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Red Arrow DIY build / Dual setup 83mm & 6inch / Racestar 5065 200kv / Mbs ATS truck


Let me introduce you to my last build the “Red Arrow” : a DIY build started a few month ago with the idea of making something different from the usual electric board and I hope you’ll like it.

At first, the deck comes from an original freeboard deck (custom bamboo) pretty long wheel base and those nice S2 binding that I found very useful. After a few modification to the deck I made an enclosure from a sheet of steel treated with zinc for the esc and took polycarbonate/abs enclosure to fit the battery on top with the led light system.
While the esc is a Ying Li dual foc it will be one of the next part to be upgrade to two vesc 50 amp each.

The motors are 5065 200kv Racestar which I like very much for that build at least.
The truck are some MBS ATS ultra wide skate truck with 9.52 mm axes that I polished and fitted to some dickyho’s motors mount.
As for the ratio it goes with 40t/16t with the 83mm wheels base and 60t/16t for the 6inch setup.
The battery is a 10s4p which can deliver 40amp and damn my motors can handle twice as much not that the esc can at that moment …as the one I use only get 50 amp continuously and 120 for a second or so. So next improvement will be the battery as I’ll make it myself either with samsung 30qs or VTC6.
Last but not least the bumper were homemade from 20mm inox tube…
I need to add the pulley comes for the 60t from Dicky’s shop and the 40t from some great mate in the community, same for the truck a awesome builder gave them to me !


Let give a little more details about how I make the enclosure : well it all begin with a sheet of steel treated with zinc.

Starting with reporting some measurement to get the right shape then bending by hand while the sheep is securely clamp into my workbench.

Checking the fit and continuing the bending process…slowly and surely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cutting and adjusting the final shape to fit the deck… Covering with vinyl carbon wrap and getting the hole right


Doooooope. Love that you shook things up a bit.


Thanks a lot, you’re comment is very appreciate

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Well done dude! definitely a special build :slight_smile:

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Well done from me too. MBS ats trucks tend to snap sometimes…


Thank you mate, I really wanted it to be :wink: special (still need some upgrade from vesc to battery but I’ll get use to it first)

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Thanks you so much for the positive welcome, I also heard that they could bind somehow I think they must came from a bad batch …anyway I am a lightweight no worry there

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Lionel. Welcome. Glad to see you here.

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You kind of made me come …thanks btw

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nice build!
Where’d you get the zipper case?

Thanks dude, I get it from Banggood : here is a link to get it directly

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How are the racestar 5065 200 kv’s ? I’m looking for a motor replacement for a failed maytech …
Are these good to you ? Torque and speed ?

They are great are pretty reliable as long as you give them the amp they need which is around 40-46 amp for each motor ; especially with the 6inch wheels and the 60T they definitely need it but with the 83mm setup even at 20 amp per motor they give a great punch and to speed (40t-16t)

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