Recommendations for reducing effects of board flex on non-flexible battery pack

I’m currently moving onto a new build and have a 12s4p battery pack from my last build made very well by @pjotr47 However, my new deck although not a super flexible one, does have flex in it as I’m sure most decks do to some degree, and my battery pack doesn’t take too kindly to any flex. Is there any way to mount a non-flexible battery that will help mitigate any potential flex from a deck? obviously, decks that have lots of flex either need split enclosures or simply just a flexible pack but i think some people (including me) may underestimate the flex in their deck and come across issues down the line in terms of damaging their batteries.

Some threads have discussed using velcro straps at each end of the battery (one fixed point and one sliding point).
Has anyone successfully used a non-flexible battery like this without issues? How did you combat the flex ? This may help some people who cannot get their hands on flexible battery packs whether that’s due to location, cost or lack of equipment to make their own.

Pictures of the battery, deck, and enclosure would help. Alternatively you can reinforce the deck to take the flex out


no enclosure purchased yet, but I’m assuming that the enclosure wouldn’t make much difference? :man_shrugging: I’m currently away from my deck so no pictures at the moment. reinforcing the deck includes carbon fiber or fiberglass I’m guessing? I can’t say I have much experience with either option haha

You can use carbon fiber flat stock to add strength if skinning is too much work, or you can get @Sender to do. If you want to put the battery in a sling, get a deeper enclosure for the extra room and pad it with foam. Embed the ends in foam blocks and fill the gap between the enclosure and battery but not battery and deck,

I did think about using foam on either end and a solid point in the middle though I was unsure how effective that would be. However, that would certainly be an easy solution!

Im currently making a encloser for my first build that should be rigid but still alow the deck to flex a bit. Don’t know how good it will be but its basically a box routed out of timber with an aluminum lid. It will only be atached at the ends through elongated holes through the timber and have room for some flex between the board and enclosure. Posibly Hopefully finish it this week and try. If it’s shit then I’ll bolt it down properly to the deck or do something else.