Re solder Flipsky 4.12


Just got the 3d Servisas enclosure for a Flipsky 4.12 fsesc, as the battery wires exit from the top of the enclosure is the best thing to de-solder the battery wires and re solder them to the top 2 blobs facing up?
(as you can probably tell i don’t really understand what’s happening with all this electrical wizardry!)

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@3DServisas @Kug3lis

Insight please gentlemen

Actually your fsesc have been resoldered before, they are like you want from factory. Just do what you want but it won’t be easy, the contact patches on the capacitor board break easily and on the other side of the pcb are sensitive parts.

If you’re going to rewire them and run the capacitor leads through some enclosure (?) And if your question is which end you should desolder, and desolder. Then I would suggest the PCB end. These caps will explode with extreme heat, though only if you’re really careless with your heat

Not really sure if I understand or if I’m helping :confused:

This is modified v4.12 design, also our case was for original v4.12 board where wires go from both sides. Also make sure that mosfets gets touched properly and all dimensions match because somehow capacitors look longer than original 4.12

Thanks for the advice all!

i’m going to leave it as is, my soldering skills aren’t that great and i want to trust this 100%
I got it for $30 at an In and Out car park so not a big loss!

I’ll see if i can track down an original untouched one to fit in @Kug3lis great enclosure

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