Raptor 2.1 10s 4p battery replacement buying asap

nothing bad quality Hopefully a good price as well thanks for any recommendations much appreciated.

Well, if it isn’t mister hot motor himself. When the newb thread goes wrong. :joy:

Doubt you’ll find anything ready to go. Good luck with your quest.

uhm my question is what batter I should get to replace the Rspec battery I initially had

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That pack was an 18650 pack with nickel connections in cell holders. The bms was tiny and integrated with the rest of the electronics in the board.

You’ll need a custom built pack mate, veey much doubt you’ll find an off the shelf solution


I think another china 10s4p might fit


Maple built , just something cheap hopefully it’s not a toss away, way back they recommended a flipsky battery I think nothing special, looking for a plug-and-play experience.



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Electric Skateboard Complete Battery Solution 10s4p Battery — MBoards

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ive checked got quite a few raptors. custom pack because the enclosure is tight. how much thats gonna cost is tough to determine, but you just need cells and the right dimensions.

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