Random sudden acceleration while braking

So, the other day I was riding my W2 modified VESC board, and sometimes, emphasis on sometimes, the board randomly brakes super hard and than accelerates suddenly while braking, usually happens at a very slow speed. Maybe 10kmph, but enough jerk to throw the rider off. Usually occurs at 75% + negative throttle input. This happened on my 2 other similar boards, that were running basically the same settings, but sensorless and with a different brand VESC. They seem to have this issue almost each time I brake. The motor condition is not great on those 2 boards, but the latest one is basically brand new, under 300kms & so far this has happened twice, once very mild, and recently a bit strong. I don’t exactly understand why this is happening, it’s not like I have set extreme motor parameters… Also I don’t think the motor controller is the cause here. Maybe something wrong with the Motors or the remote communication, idk just a guess maybe… Anyone else ever experience such issue do help share any solutions or explanation.

What remote are you using?

If it’s connected by PWM, a break in the white (data) wire inside the insulation can cause this exact sort of intermittent failure… …but it’s extremely unlikely it would also happen simultaneously on two other boards. That sounds more like radio interferance, especially if they all use the same remote model.


Not sure if the same applies for a VESC, but that sounds kind of similar to what can happen on the rare occasions when there is interference with my remote. Only for my board I’ll be breaking like normal, but then it will randomly accelerate on its own. Never adds more break during it thankfully.

I always turn my remote off and back on again to be safe once I get a good place to stop, but I don’t think I even need to do that since it is back to normal again once there is no interference.

So I agree with b264 on it being possible interference.

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Was the same remote used for each board?

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I used VX1s on the first 2 boards, they always have this issue. I am sure it is not because of the remotes on those, mostly something off with the motors. But the latest one had VX1 pro

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And I am running in UART mode on all

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Try a Hoyt Puck and see what happens.

Are these used in extremely urban environments, or around a lot of cell phones? Like a large crowd of people?

Large crowds of people (for sporting events, et cetera) can really jam up the 2.4GHz band and cause remote dropouts.

There are also certain spots that can cause it, and sometimes those spots don’t really move around at all, they are fairly constant.

Try to eliminate those as possibilities.

Is it always in the same place?

Well, the other 2 boards, seem to have this everywhere, no matter where I go, but the new one, yeah, based on my testing so far, it does seem to happen in a 1km zone, It is on the outskirts of my city, but there is a big radio tower about 2-3kms away… Frankly a bit afraid since to test it more in other areas…