Random Overvoltage faults after fixing motor wire

one of my phase wires came loose from the plug yesterday which made my motor make a weird noise, instantly noticed it and stopped using that motor.

After resoldering the wire today I had some faults during my ride. I was able to ride 20km though as the faults didn’t stop me from riding, but I don’t understand how it suddenly has these errors.

Never had an issue with this setup before
Did I make a small short on my phase plug ?

Over voltage faults that i’ve seen usually tend to come from a poor main power connection; loose xt connector, bad solder, broken welds

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Thanks I’ll check those

What voltage is the board?

12s, but I’ve been riding this setup for over a year already. Only thing that changed is a solder joint on the phase wires

Yeah i’d be checking that main power connection, it may have come loose

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Thanks. I will be checking it out.

Any idea why it would lead to such s high voltage? Even had the faults after my batt was already at 48v

As far as i know they’re just the result of voltage spikes when a loose connector is arcing

Interesting, I’ll let you know what I find.

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@glyphiks thanks for the info, i found arcing damage on one of my xt90 connectors.

Whoopachang! Hopefully that’s all it was!

I’m trying to get to the bottom of an over voltage fault too. There’s some chance it may just be a flipsky feature designed to remind me to be careful whenever I get on the board, and to not buy more of them.

Colder temperatures might increase likelihood.
Only happens for the first twenty seconds of riding after the boards been sitting.
Only happens off the line. Motors set to 80A.
Never happens during regen braking, when the voltage should be higher in theory.
Both channels often report the same fault.

Flipsky V6.6 dual mini, with the tiny little capacitors. Changing to FW6.02 made no difference but helped with voltage readings.

I’ve just soldered 1000uF to the power input to see if that makes any difference. My gut feeling is it’s more likely to do the the ESC. You ever have over voltage under load when it’s the battery wires, or has it only even been during regen?

I think so, it was not a little bit of damage. Will let you know after change them out (sigh…)

For me it was during riding at high speed

Problem = solved
Thanks @glyphiks for the heads-up :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

EDIT: Finished a 40km ride without any issues. Thx for the tip

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