Radium Wheel Pulleys 65T & 78T

We now have two new pulleys for pneumatic wheels. Both are hard anodised and made from 7075-T6 for a long lifespan even in harsh conditions. The teeth are hobbed meaning the profile is very accurate compared to some pulleys which are CNC milled like those with a machined flange.

Both pulleys are compatible with MBS Rockstar, Trampa Superstar and Evolve mounting patterns.

The 78T is the biggest pulley we know of thats made for esk8. It also takes up to 20mm wide belts - designed purely for pushing the limits of belts on off road setups. Allowing for either crazy gear reduction or the use of larger motor pulleys for more teeth engagement and less belt slippage.

The 65T is a perfect lightweight pulley for 6-7 inch wheels to suit all types of trucks, and a solution that lets you use Evolve hubs with non Evolve trucks.

We now have affordable 10mm offset aluminium round spacers for mounting these, as well as extended length bolts available on our site too.


Looks cool, do you have some pics of them mounted up with a tire? What kind of clearance do you yet?

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I will get some pics compared to different tyres soon, but if you wanted to go full @MoeStooge style with belts this is the 78T compared to metro 155mm :crazy_face:


oh I think 10" setup might like these! :joy: