Radium Performance

Agree with your disagree. Looks like a homedepot special.


Which home depot special we talking here?

I say COTS now bc the other thing gets folks angry, especially when we’re ratted out and called “salty diyer” by one of our own in I2S groupchats😘

Hey, Moe doesn’t get exclusive rights to all of Home Depot. Just a few aisles.


I think raw can look good but only with a clear coat like the boardnamics wheels or the defiant trucks

Other than that it can look kind of cheap, I always disliked that 3 links were difficult to annodize or paint

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Where’d you get those! I think you are the first to own a set in the US not including the ones on the two Mach One’s.

The hubs are painted because that’s basically the only option we can think of so far. We’re working on the paint adhesion to the aluminium. We can’t anodize them because it would have to be done before the rubber molding which means they’ll get scratched from the steel tooling, and they can’t be anodized afterwards because it requires harsh chemicals that won’t be rubber friendly.


Al sold them since he’s not allowed to own nice things


I want to refute this but I can’t. You win this round evwank

If I end up doing a semester in Australia, I think i’ll have to change my name to EvWank to blend in.

Hmm cerakote maybe but it can get pricey. Popular in the gun industry.

Expensive and has to baked on.

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Is anodizing before and then having some kind of sacrificial cover for the rubber molding process made not possible?

Maybe. It would have to withstand 400C and be an accurate part that doesn’t compress or effect the hub alignment in the mold, and not scratch the hub. Open to ideas…

Wonder if lakwah received any letters about their use of the three colour stripes




no clue as to manufacturing feasibility but polyimide is a fairly temp resistant polymer that you might be able to get away with there?

:+1: think they are precious about the actual colours tho

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I never noticed this. That’s interesting and may help support our defense :grin:

We actually have another trademark issue now which is that Radium is already trademarked in China with a similar enough appearance that if Chinese customs inspects our boards and see’s the Radium logo they would decide to confiscate and destroy the boards.

Maybe we could not put any Radium logo’s on the Mach1, but man this is getting tiring.


Ohh lol😆I thought rattle can meant spray paint. lol cause they rattle🤷‍♂️

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