race cruiser for mini pev games

Building a race cruiser for the mini pev games.

Currently thinking on parts below

12s2p lishen pack (to buy)
Makerx dv4s
Savage1 trucks (tempted to throw on 3 links)
Hollow wheels
Cheap old board I had.
2x 6354 motors 190kv (to buy)
Tomiboi enclosure (to buy)

Any recommendations welcome.

Edit1: messing around with tomibois toe strap, and man it felt good.

After way to much window shopping, I decided on the Landyachtz Drop Cat 33" as my replacement deck.

Landyachtz – Revival Schooner & BUTTER - BLACK LINES where close 2nd and 3rds.

Edit 2: well, I have an idea deck just chilling, I’ll see about using that since it’s under 30".


Alright, ran into the first problem already. Deck is not wide enough for any available enclosures.

Thinking I’ll pick up a rayne or landyachtz cruiser deck that’s wider.

Other option is trying to create a custom enclosure.

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Hollow wheels would hold up to race conditions?

You’re a braver man then me

Was considering madwheels, but had the hollows laying around. Would you recommend anything else? Pretty much limited to 105mm.

What is mini PEV games?

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An indoor pev competition with only small (mini) pevs.


Wait why do you have to build such a small one?

But that sounds super cool. Wish the indoor kart tracks around here weren’t so expensive.

Esk8 decks have to be under 34". Essentially cruiser or surfskate decks.

I’d love to go with tomibois 33" deck, but trying to keep it pretty budget.