Questions: Skate Shoes & Backfire G2 Black 2020 "Upgrades"

Yesterday, it finally stopped raining in Petaluma, so was finally able to take my G2 Black out for her maiden running. First, I spent approx 20 minutes “practicing” in the hotel parking lot, followed by a relatively short/quick 1 mile jaunt to the Starbucks a few blocks away (a slight incline the entire way), and back. I kept the ESC in ‘Eco’ mode until I was about halfway to Starbucks, at which time I “kicked the speed up” to ‘Sport’ mode. I realize this isn’t long enough to make any “determinations”…but, overall, I’m impressed, and very happy with my decision (over the Meepo Shuffle V4 & WowGo 2S Pro). I’m still a bit “wobbly”…not having ridden a skateboard in over 40 years, that’s to be expected…but, I did discover I’m more stable riding ‘goofy’. With more practice, and better shoes (which I’ll get to shortly), I’m certain I’ll “regain my balance”, and will be able to ride at full-throttle in no time. Just a quick “very minor bio” to help answer my questions – I’m 5’8”, and approx 230lbs (104kg)…and, yes, I am working (albeit, unfortunately, a lil slower than I’d prefer) on losing some weight. My “goal” is to get back down slightly below 200lbs (175lbs would be ‘optimal’).

I do, however, have a few questions, starting with the aforementioned “better shoes”. Right now, I don’t have any skate shoes. When I went riding yesterday (and, as I’ll have no choice but to do today), I rode using my everyday athletic shoes – Asics Kayano. While these are, officially, “running shoes”, I’ve been exclusively wearing (not counting my dress shoes for work, or my OluKai sandals (the only sandals I wear)) this specific brand/model for over 10 years, as they were the #1 recommendation from the orthopedic surgeon who did the reconstructive surgery on my left ankle (which might have something to do with why, as a right-handed person, I ride ‘goofy’ more stable than ‘traditional’). At the same time, I noticed my feet in a reasonable amount of pain during the final 0.5 miles…although, it should be mentioned that, once I was back to my hotel room, and off the board, the pain was gone in approx 5 minutes. I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that skate shoes are a ‘necessity’…but, the question is “which?” For people without any previous ankle injuries, there are a multitude of options to choose from. But, for someone who’s had a lifelong ligament problem in his left ankle, and two reconstructive surgeries (the 1st, 15 years ago, failed after 5 years…the 2nd, performed 10 years ago, by the head of Stanford’s Ankle Specialty Clinic, a success), I’m guessing the “best” options are more limited. I need shoes with ‘outstanding’ ankle support. For longevity’s sake, I’d prefer shoes with a cupsole, as opposed to vulcanized. Also, as my body has a “broken internal thermostat” (ie. I overheat easily), I need shoes that ‘breath’. While money doesn’t exactly “grow on trees”, I am willing to spend a little more on a quality shoe…but, at the same time, that does not mean I want, or can afford, the most expensive. What suggestions/recommendations can “those in the know” provide?

Moving onto questions directly related to the G2 Black, starting with the battery, can the stock 5.2Ah 187Wh battery be swapped for the 6Ah 216Wh battery designated for the G2 Galaxy…and, if so, is it “plug & play”, or do any mods need to be done? I’m assuming (based on identical dimensions, as well as both having XT60 connectors…something I use on most of my RCs) there shouldn’t be any problem. The second half of this question is, “Is it worth it?” By “worth it”…I’ll assume there’s no increase in speed….what I’m interested in knowing is, how much does it increase max distance, and is that additional distance worth the additional cost of the 6Ah battery (once they’re back in-stock)?

My next question has to do with the bearings. The ‘stock’ bearings seem pretty decent, but not “great”. I’m primarily used to running ceramic bearings in my RC vehicles (especially my race vehicles). The company I typically purchase bearings from – Avid RC – carries a variety of bearings, in both SS & ceramic…some with rubber seals, some with metal seals, and some (their “Revolution” line) that are a hybrid (metal seal on one side, and rubber seal on the other - less friction (metal side), but still great at keeping “the outside stuff” out (rubber side)). For standard street riding, is it ok to use ceramic bearings…or, am I better off sticking with SS bearings?

My final question has to do with the trucks. First, I know the front truck can be replaced…and, I do plan on doing just that in the coming months – probably either a Paris V3, or Paris Savant (suggestions between these two are greatly appreciated…one of the primary reasons for considering the Savant (if they’re still in production, tho I know several retailers still have them) is because of my (current) weight). Are there any other trucks worth considering (again, taking my weight into consideration)? I’m more concerned in ‘stability’ over ‘deep carving’ – I don’t plan on going super-fast, I don’t plan on excessive sharp turning. In other words, I’m more interested in “leisure skating”, and not the skateboard equivalent of a slalom skier. Second, regarding the rear truck, are there any other options besides the stock truck? I realize the probable answer is “no”, due to this board using hub motors…but, I still felt it worth asking. Since I’m already assuming the answer is “no”, the ‘alternate’ option is to replace the stock plate & bushings with something better. Sticking with the “more straight with some curves”, as opposed to the “slalom skier” scenario, what would the best recommendations/suggestions be? Once I’ve regained my “skateboarding balance”, I can return to less-stiff bushings…but, to start, I’m thinking it might be a ‘smart’ idea to start with slightly stiffer (front & rear) bushings…so, again, suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

As Pat (Benatar, for those who might not know) once sang, “hit me with your best shot”…meaning, “fire away” with your replies.


Can we get a TLDR summary please lol.


I don’t know anything about the G2 so I’ll skip the questions about those (new battery and rear trucks for those that need a recap).

If you already have shoes that work for your ankle you should be looking for better insoles. I’m partial to concrete visionary. They work great for skating.

Yes to ceramic bearings.

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Translation - You’re too friggin’ LAZY.