Question - Prototipo Upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my Prototipo in the near future. The plan is to pretty much replace all components with the only exceptions of keeping the deck, enclosure, and the MBS Rockstar II hubs. As I am working to carefully remove the internal components (as they are perfectly working parts), I have run into a bit of problem on the last step. There’s an aluminum base plate (see picture) that I am pretty sure is setting on top of a pretty big sheet of double sided foam tape. Any recommendation on how to best remove it from those of you with experience with this in the past? I am being very careful as I want to keep all the parts intact, and most importantly, not damage the enclosure.

Once you have everything removed, pour some paint thinner and let it seep underneath the aluminum plate. It should soften everything up. Leave it for a couple mins i’d say, then use a metal spatula and lightly and carefully lift it up.


Thanks for the quick response! I assume the paint thinner will not hurt the carbon fiber enclosure? Was thinking to buy a heat gun and see if that will work, any experience with that approach?

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Paint thinner would not affect CF, since it’s basically epoxy and CF, epoxy is hard once cured so it would not soften. Heat however, might soften epoxy. So give the paint thinner a try.

I use IPA and paint thinner when cleaning evolve GT carbon decks, the horrors of some customers using shitty silicone that just flakes off… yikes. Paint thinner works great for cleaning, and has no effect on CF.

great, thx again!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

One technique for removing adhesive is to saw through it with dental floss. In conjunction with the chemical softening, this could be worth trying.


Great idea, will add to the process!

maybe some Isopropyl alcohol