Question: How to improve throttle smoothness and motor/wheel wobbles on Boundnamics gear drive?


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I have a boundnamics gear drive that blew a motor and has been replaced recently meaning one side of my board has a new motor and the other side of my board has a motor that is over 1000km into its lifecycle. I re-applied grease and did the best I could to get both motors working properly. They have been performing well for the last 400km or so but I’m starting to get vibrations from the tires and a jerky throttle response.

Any ideas on what I could do to improve the “sticky-ness” of the motors or the friction that is causing them to throttle up inconsistently?

I do have adhesive tire weights I could put on to improve the wheel wobbles.

Hope the video illustrates my issue. Maintaining any consistent low speed is very difficult, it is very jerky and almost throwing me off the board.

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  • Aaron

This looks smooth and normal to me. Looks like excellent balance tbh. I don’t see any jerkiness. It’s quite normal for unloaded motors to spin up at different rates when there is no load on the tires.

Did you run motor detection after you replaced the motor? did you reset the current limits on that motor after detection?


Yes I ran through motor detection when I replaced the motor and everything was detected as normal. I believe I have a screenshot of the results from the VESC app for reference.

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yeah that looks fine to me.

I think you have unrealistic expectations. It’s normal for motors to spin up at different rates when using current control in vesc.

From the video alone, it looks like your stuff runs great.

If you are experiencing something else when riding that feels abnormally jerky, i’d try to describe that or show it in a video.

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Okay thanks for the info. Perhaps it is adjustments to the speed curve that I will need to look into.

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Try putting the throttle curve at 1:1 or a 45-degree straight line. The video looks 100% normal though. Unloaded behaviour (upside down without a rider) is not indicative of loaded behaviour.

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Your motors will never start up at the exact same time. No amount of adjustment will ever make it consistently identical. It does not matter. The motor controller requires load to figure out motor position so when there’s no load this will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.

(in current control mode)