Question for Japanese people (who ride esk8 in japan)

Hey guys, I just stumbled on that you register electric kickboard (scooter) in Japan with all license plating insurance and etc so I was curious do you guys tried to register esk8 as electric kickboard?

Front/Rear lights are no issue you can mount the mirror on the deck and etc…

Because UK started taking down PLEV in streets, giving fines (300£), confiscating and shits so my thoughts abandon ship :smiley:


You should definitely abandon an entire country because of a kneejerk reaction to a retard on a scooter having an accident.

It won’t blow over, get out while you can.


I am joking, but for real we had some people fined today here in london 300£ almost threatening take board away too :smiley:

I’d leave a place because of that. That’s super-disrespectful to future generations.

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Maybe add removable handlebards on the esk8? :smirk: Put them in place while registering…

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I think you can dodge whole handlebar situation with just adding mirror to the deck…

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Or helmet, I wonder? :thinking:

Helmet is on you not on the vehicle… :smiley:

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In London they might fine you, but in Japan you get imprisonment and forced labour.

Like I mentioned register it to be legal :smiley:

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You’ll have to get your lights working for indicating, and have insurance. Also, max motor of 600 watts.

I know :smiley: I am just curious if somebody tried already as we have few clients from japan :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I’m half Japanese but don’t have any knowledge about this. Looks like a law to legalise paid hire scooters, and criminalise the rest.

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I know some electric bikes have licenses and etc stuff so was curious :slight_smile: Plus its not only making board proof but you need driving license also so more than that

I always wonder if you hurt a pedestrian(assume it’s your fault) on your esk8, who’s going to pay for the medical expense for the poor guy.

If talking regarding japan you need also insurance :slight_smile:

what about those countries that either its grey area or does not require insurance?

Or those places, like here, where even if you want to buy insurance, nobody will sell it.

I think @Goldrabe would be able to give us insight

Yeah, you are now allowed to take solely motor driven bycicles on the street with apropriate number plate and insurance. I am not totally aware of the law and maybe you need to have a physical brake. I will look into it!

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