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Queen Battery GB (US) ( closed for now)

Okay so @klaus79856 and I are about to order some battery’s from Queen Battery.
Thought we would open this up to see if anybody else needs cells

Wanna get these ordered pretty soon so we have a short window.
These are prices from klaus’s last order about a month ago.

SAMSUNG INR21700-48G 10A 4800mAh battery cell
Quotation :3.5usd/pcs

Samsung 21700 40T

If you are interested in different cells Klaus will check prices on Monday as well as getting an updated price quote on batteries listed above.

@DerelictRobot x100 - 40t
@Jansen x60 - 40t
@klaus79856 ???
@mishrasubhransu x50 40t
@longhairedboy x60 40t

@Alpacaslapper 40x 40t
10x qb26800

@Agressivstreetlamp x10 QB26800

@jrpwit x36 40t
@ohitstarik x25 40t

@Winfly x100 40t

@annihil8ted x50 40t 7

we are still trying to solve whether all the batteries will be shipped to one place or what they can do For us shipping them to multiple people

**** If you send me a pm regarding this post Please name it anything else. I’ve currently got 15+ PM’s with the same title*****


Put me down for a 100x 40Ts.

That price is disgusting.


Oh man I wish I had money right now :upside_down_face:

That price is crazy and my batteries are shite rn


Damn looks like they don’t have Molicel P42A cells


Is 48G usable for esk8?

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I honestly know dill about batteries. So I’m not one to answer questions about what’s the most suitable battery for any situation.
I just like to go fast. Lol
I’m just doing the post so Klaus doesn’t have to.


If @DerelictRobot puts me on his account, I’ll take 100 also. Thank you very much. :wink:

This was definitely a joke. I don’t even know what these cells are…


I’m ok with Andrew paying for Sean’s batteries. So that’s seconded then.

Add them on.


Price check on 26800 cells?


Also no.



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No but if there is an interest I can try to find them.
Also the new Molicel INR-21700-M50A looks nice.


When ya doing this? I should be able to take something around 40-50 40Ts as well

Please send me more details / Weblink.

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The next days.

Within a week hopefully.
I would guess early next week

Damn, debating between those 40t or some 20700bs

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What’s the min order quantity like for that 40at pricing

We are already at about 250 cells of the 40t.
So I don’t really think there’s going to be a minimum on this group buy foror that cell.

Why not?