Putting the vesc to sleep in low current mode

I am trying to put my vesc to sleep when the motor is running and the current consumption by the motor lower than X amps. Can someone direct me where in the VESC code can I go and make that change? or find that function?


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so you basically you want your light switch off but have the light on? that makes no sense.
how do you want you motors to run is the esc is off?

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Sorry if I was not clear.
My requirement is when the motor is running and consuming less than X amps, I want to put the vesc to sleep(this will turn off the motor too).

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So…auto turn off?


there is no ‘‘sleep mode’’ like on your phone, you basically have on and off. you can change the auto turn off time in the vesc tool under
App_Settings>General>Shutdown Mode

If you have a metr you can also set in with that too.


Yeah I have tried that. but what I wanted to try was to check if there is a mode in which I could check the current consumption every X seconds and when the current falls below X amps for certain time, i would like the VESC and the motor to shut off

A spinning motor would always turn the VESC motor controller on. You can define a shutdown time after inactivity. This feature is available for VESC 6 MK III onwards and the VESC HD product line.
VESC 75/300 & VESC 100/250 do not support this feature.

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@Trampa: I have used that feature and I like it. In addition to that, I was planning on the VESC monitoring the current consumption of the motor. So if the motor current consumption falls below a certain limit, the vesc would turn off. I wanted to know if there is a function in the code which I could use to modify for my requirement.

Nope, since it would not be wise to switch off the logic when you actually drive the motor.