Putting old metroboard 6374 motor to work

Hey guys. Looking for a bit of advice.
I am going to make a single drive set up with an old metroboard 6374 Motor and a Maytech Vesc. And a diyeboards 10s5p battery.

Does anyone know what kv the motor may be? It was before Ilan had the 24mph motor and claimed 20mph.

More importantly I have to hook up the sensor wires to another jst connector to hook up to the vesc.

The motor has 5 wires, not 6 like I usually see. Does the wire order matter? Which pin I leave empty matter?

Thanks for any comments.

cool project man
The missing wire may be for a temperature sensor. In the image attached, its the one next to the 5+ wire

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Just from the picture the motor looks too short to be a 6374… Looks like a 6364 or 6355.

You can check the motor KV in vesc tool IIRC.

Best guess, the temperature wire is missing, basically go red>>red, black>>black, and drop the white wire coming from the vesc. The other three wires (yellow, green and orange on vesc, blue, white and green on motor) can go any which way.

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Awesome. Thanks dude. That is the level of direction I need. The motor looks to be the same size as my Maytech 6374s. It looks stubby I think because of the big ring. I do recall Ilan claimed it was 3000 watta

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