putting nonflex battery in flex enclosure

i have a small 12s4p flat pack that i want to sandwich in the enclosure of the flux v1 deck, surrounded by foam to secure it and allow for the enclosure to close. I see there’s minimal flex on the enclosure part ; is this a bad idea?

From this video of me jumping on 3 different points of the deck to check flex, stance 1 barely flexes the entire enclosure at all, the whole thing sorta just all drops down instead of bending . i’m thinking its fine? - im ~190lbs, another 260lb rider would also be on it.

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Put a segmented pack in that enclosure.

i got a different segmented battery for it but I’m trying to run a 12s setup with this pack, would be easy plug in right now without having to make/rebuild the pack

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I wouldnt run a flat solid pack in a deck with any flex. You’re likely to break the pack by snapping nickel to battery welds.




ok will not do

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Who built the 12s pack? Post a picture and we might be able to be more helpful

This will end in tears. Not bc we are arm chair generals, but bc we have seen the abyss and the resulting fire.

It’s a good idea until it’s not.


Do not do this.

Flex board => flex battery
This is an eternal rule.

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You could make an enclosure that stiffens the deck.

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Easier to get or make new battery tho :man_shrugging:

Depends how precious you are. Couple of bits of hardwood, some bracing ply and a generous slathering of silicone could see an enclosure knocked up within an hour


Can you make a tutorial on this method ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol time will tell