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Purple Oni | 12s5p P42A | stormcore 60D | 6384

Well it’s been a while since I did a complete build, since I have been messing around with stuff most of the year and setting up my own business for custom builds. But when eboosted released his demonseed 42 enclosure, I knew I wanted to build one and replace my green gt40.

So I snatched up an old demonseed from a friend that had a bunch of holes already, and I knew I wanted to extend the wheelbase for clearance so I got it reinforced with carbon fibre twill here by @Kaydo. After that, I painted it with a rubberised polyurethane to match the enclosure/underside aesthetic.

Following on, I worked with my good friend @Tony_Stark to make the wheelbase extension brackets, and they turned out awesome. The front one integrates with davega for a flush finish.

@Kaydo built me the 12s5p and it only juuuust fit with the heatsink and stormcore. But it works. (No smart BMS this time around)

Lastly, I wanted the underside to be tidy and the eboosted style enclosures don’t have many flat mounting areas, I utilised the extension bracket and the drop through space for the button and charge port. I designed an angled mount for the charge port, with a pass through for the button mounted on the plate.

And for the current result:

The current hubs are second hand replicas of etoxx wheels, only temporary. I didn’t make them.

It will be changed over to widened hubs, BN gears, purple grip and a black davega when I get my next batch from @janpom. I guess this is me also introducing Raijin Racing, which I’ll be building custom boards under, intended for racing here in Australia.

Finished minus the wheels:


This looks amazing! Great quality finish as always.


Super clean build !

:flushed::flushed: Really slick, how much whebasee does that add?


30mm to each end, or 60mm in total :ok_hand:

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Love this build so much! Very creative solutions to problems for an amazing end result. Those extension plates are nice, holes for mounting a Davega is just the cherry on top :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: (I can totally see me wanting exactly that on a future build lol)

Where did you get that custom griptape made? Looks nice! :smiley:


Appreciate the kind words! I designed the grip myself and sell on my store. It’s printed by splattergoat. I have about 100 variations already designed, but only 5 colours printed so far

Can see here if you are interested

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Beautiful build, well done!

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Thank you sir!

Super clean execution man. Very nice and tidy build and good job with the theme. Lots of polished finishes here.

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That’s damn gorgeous! I love it.

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Well this is happening. Purple oni?





Well I got this build finished off in the early hours of the morning, turned out sweet all in all. Ran into issues with the plan for the hubs and had to improvise with a bit of dodgy bearing placement. Ignore that! :rofl:


Oh sweet baby Jesus, what a beautiful sight to behold!

What gear size you using? Top speed? I’m doing a gear drive build and just can’t work out what set up I want. I’m stuck between going for an offroad capable build with 8inch knobblies or just keep it street build with 7 inch streets. Not your problem I know lol

This build looks amazing, once again. Congrats!


It’s the 3.95 ratio, and my top speed should be around 60. Perfect for a cruiser


What kinda tires you got on there and how do they feel?

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So nice, you always cranking out top notch builds!!!

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They are sunmate 7 inch, and they are pretty decent! The moulds aren’t the best though, a little bit of wobble

Thank you!

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