Pulley to make a set

Hi all,
I’m looking for another one of these pulleys to make a set. Can anyone tell me what they are or even if they have one?

For abec11 , I count 37 teeth

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If I recall, those are from alienpowersystems

I cannot find any pulleys by them that look like that

I will check my parts when I get home, I may actually have a couple. I have a bunch of APS stuff.

Is it 23mm wide? Are you 100% sure it has 38 teeth? Put a dot on it with a marker and recount.

I might know, depending on the answers to those questions

I could be wromg, but from the pic I counted 37.

I counted 38.

I had nothing better to do, apparently.

I found the original sale post, which said 37T. I asked him if he knows. My calipers measure 24.5mm wide

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Yeah looks 37T

In that case, no I don’t know where. I know where to get 36T pulleys that look almost identical but are 23mm wide.