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Don’t forget that asshole’s name in the screenshot. You’re slacking off with your trolling. :kissing_heart:

TIL the subtle differences between the words ‘obliged’ and ‘obligated’

Obligated vs. Obliged.

I miss @TheBoardGarage :sleepy:


I’m entirely on Teddy’s side here, sorry :b:. You’re clogging up space and being about as unhelpful as I typically am. Difference is you’re pretending to be helpful, im not.


You’re not obligated to do anything for anyone!

The problem is how you claim to perform these noble actions for others out of the goodness of your heart and how helping people is your only motive because you’re such a wonderful and helpful person. (feel free to quote)

That couldn’t be more false, and whenever the real truth comes out, you panic, deny, and lash out. I think it’s hilarious until it actually affects a forum member looking for help.

But you keep doing you, and I’ll keep calling out your hypocrisy, pedantry, and lies :kissing_heart:

Its a shame that I don’t have the time for lvl 3 member anymore, I miss all the drama going on here. :popcorn:

Most recent “drama” has all been public. Nothing in lv3

Yeah but I only skim new threads, or old ones popping up, if any at all. So the lounge was usually a nice summary. :smiley:

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@jack.luis waiting for this sort of backpack that integrates with the puck please… except well, not like this one naturally… one inspired by this sort of thing but done well…



Yup, haven’t missed much unless you like seeing photos of fucked up faces after an injury. and by photos I mean it just happened once because I broke my jaw on a curb. I forget this thread exists and just defaulted to the private one

honestly scrolling up a bit in this thread shows more drama happening in the last day over here than anything in the past month on the private thread

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@Evwan JB weld by the gallon, breakfast of champions :trophy:

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@MrDrunkenMobster take notes