PSA about the Boosted REV

The boosted REV has a defect with the hinge mechanism. When shipped, the handlebars are unattached, and you are expected to attach it yourself.

The manual says to align it by locking it into the folded state, then tightening the bolt for securing the handlebars.

If you guys remember the Verge article about the guy getting his finger eaten by the hinge, I believe that this was partially what caused it. The handlebars mount too low on the main stem, and do not fully lock into the rear foot stomp brake. You need to lift it an additional ~3-5 mm above how the manual says to install it so that it fully engaged with the lock.

Otherwise if you shake it or bump it slightly the folding lock will slip open and the bottom of the scooter will swing out. At least, that’s what the production model I’ve seen does. Seems like a manufacturing tolerance issue.


Also I realize that this isn’t entirely ESK8 related, but I figure the overlap is big enough. After all, Boosted is an esk8 company at heart.


That scooter is such a mess, 6 mile range🤟


I’ve found that it lasts pretty long. It’s a 370 Wh pack, so to get 22 miles they would need to average 16.8 wh/mi. Certainly seems possible if you keep your tires rock solid. But definitely not possible if you ride hard.

The new scooter from Gotway has 100km range and 70km/h top speed - and it’s like $1200

Can’t believe anyone would buy this scooter lol


I had the pleasure of trying one over the past couple days and I really like it. Granted all I’ve ever tried was a lime/bird scooter and a Xiaomi M365 so that’s a really low bar to compare to. It beat my board off the line but I pulled away after about 2-3 seconds. 25 mph feels great on it. The ride feels rock steady. Integrated lights and throttle responsive brake lights are wonderful.

I’ll have to take a closer look at the app for range estimates. You are not getting anywhere near 20 miles on mode 3. Mode 2 is a nice commuter mode but it’s not enthusiast levels of power. “AWD” on a scooter is pretty great tbh. It’s too heavy for the range you get but maybe it will make up in longevity - only time will tell. I wouldn’t want to haul it up more than a few blocks or flights of stairs but I had no problem picking it up with one arm.

At the price point it’s a really hard sell imo. However, I think a used Rev would be an excellent buy. 12 month warranty helps makes it a viable form of primary transportation. I don’t think it’s likely that I will be getting one… mostly because the first thing I would want to do is violate the warranty and rip out the batteries to extend the range.

I didn’t want to start a new thread so I figured i’d just post my thoughts here :slight_smile: