[Prototyping] High power VESC 6.4 variant

Hello guys
During Corona quarantine I designed this custom PCB. It uses 6x IPT007N06N mosfets. They have 0.66mOhm resistance compared to IRF7749 1.1mOhm (datasheet parameters at 10V gate drive)

Used mosfets are so powerful that at 50A continous board should be able to run without any heatsink at all.

Supply bypass capacitors (up to 60V): 3x 63V 680uF electrolytic + 250uF ceramic. Also includes extreme amount of ceramic capacitors next to CPU, current amplifiers, mosfet drivers and voltage regulators. Board is designed to have minimal parasitics with isolated ground (separate power GND and signal GND connected in one spot, near DC-DC regulator), lots of bypass caps everywhere and VCC and GND plane in signal section for very low noise

Parts used:
3x AD8418 current amplifiers + 6x 1 mOhm current resistors (0.5 mOhm per phase)
6x IPT007N06N mosfets
3x UCC27211 (or MP18024) mosfet drivers. Doesn´t blow up like DRV8301/02. It has higher drive current + will survive high voltage spikes from BLDC motor
1x MP4569 75V DC-DC regulator (12V for mosfet drivers)
2x LM1117 linear voltage regulators (3.3V and 5V post-regulators from 12V)
1x NRF24L01 (optional)
1x SN65HVD256 CAN-bus driver

CPU section

Not tested:
Mosfet + drivers
Voltage regulators
NRF section

Photos of first hand soldered PCB. I don´t have solder stencil yet, I will order it when everything on board is tested. I am still waiting for some parts to arrive

PCB price (JLCPCB): 9€ per 5 pcs, 4-layer, 71x65mm. Shipping was 10€ via DHL to europe, total 19€ for 5pcs. I received 6 pcs, but 2 pcs had a lot of scratches on soldermask, resulting in only 4 usable PCBs

I will calculate price of components on board. Most expensive are 6x mosfets + 1x STM32 CPU. everything else is kinda cheap


That looks quite nice. You’ll no doubt be fielding multiple questions soon.

Welcome to esk8news forum!


Exciting stuff! Is this a fun side project for you, or are you thinking of mass producing these if all goes well? :slight_smile:

And another question, not directly targeted at you, but I guess other people who have been designing vesc based ESCs:

Why hasn’t anyone chosen these mosfets in the past? (IPT007N06N) Are they really new / hard to source / expensive / have other downsides?


Looks great! Keen to see further results :call_me_hand:


Following this topic :slight_smile:
Always great to see new things


I’m so glad we live in a world where people are talented enough to do stuff like this, and can share their projects for us all to see and participate with.


Welcome! Nice project! Keep going!

One thought to the optional nrf module.
I would use one that is compatible to pair with the mobile vesc tool app if it doesn’t and you connect the nrf dongle which is compatible externally, this one will very like don’t work.



Welcome, and great progress so far! You’ve made some nice component and layout optimization choices.

Looking forward to seeing how these turn out for you.


I understand zero about pcb and electronics BUT it looks good :face_with_hand_over_mouth: welcome


Definitely following!

It’s easier to cool directfets. These kind of rely on having enough pcb area to dissapate the heat.

Interesting, excited to see a full board test in a real environment

What a cool project using UCC27211 is really out of the box thinking it’s something I would see in some switch mode power supplies or push and pull circuits if you can pull this off and keep vedders software compatible I will buy you a beer or two. I am working on my own ESC 6.x design adapted from the reference design. my goal is something inexpensive with decent current handling up to 75 amps, single sided, but cheap enough that they will have change from $100 when they order an assembled unit from a PCB foundry. I have some experience designing security systems and intelligent vision system but bldc is a whole other world. If I can be of any help DM me.

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@rusins I plan to start small scale production. It was designed to fill the gap between regular VESC 6 and monster VESC 75/300

Those mosfets were designed to be used in forklifts, electric steering and another high current, low voltage automotive applications, similar to esk8. They were also used in VESC designs in the past, for example “Zesc v7h” or “a200s V1.3”. They have low parasitics and lowest on-resistance in “non exotic” package, but they are harder to cool with a standard heatsink compared to DirectFETs. @deltazeta

@Movation even this one can be build for under $100. PCBs are really cheap (JLCPCB, AllPCB). Having components only on one side will increase board size and also, you will not be able to put bypass caps directly under ICs that need it the most. VESC 6 HW design can work with UCC27211 or any other half bridge driver IC (check “VESC mini4” or “A200S v1.3”). You don´t even have to make changes in firmware. However, it´s more expensive than single IC (DRV8301) and you have to design your own DC-DC converter, that would have been integrated in DRV8301 otherwise


Nice job !

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Who else has been following the the @ shaman esc project, @ Enginir esc project, have seen the low costs, and is seriously asking why in the world you have to pay 250 for a single Trampa esc … I’m a bit confused and the price gap for virtually the same thing


@PixelatedPolyeurthan some benefits of buying the Trampa would be a 2 year EU warranty. Higher current capabilities (comparing to the CFoc’s). Smaller form factor. No DIY required. It has its place for people that wanna buy a refined ESC and not have to mess with a thing. Also an unknown % of each sale goes straight to BV.


I would say the difference is in “R&D” cost, but I think that should decrease over time as a product matures, but it doesnt


Yep that makes sense!
But it’s unfortunate for the warranty, a clear example is @pjotr47 where his just tried it self and got nothing in exchange as far as I’m aware.
I still think the price jump is huge.

@Scepterr :cry:

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I have to say I bought it in Paris for a price you never can think off. We bought 6 vescs + a board from them with friends.

Trampa sold me a vesc 6 now for a refurbished price other one is repaired by Max. But at the end the total cost was more then when I would bought 2 vescs from them with warranty.