Prototipo + other stuff [FS US 48]

Plain and simple, liquidating some stuff

  • $80.00 Clever tires and tubes Pending

  • $80 set of new berg tires 2 sets

  • $5.00 a piece 14 tubes for bergs

  • $160.00 2 170kv maytech 6374 SOLD

  • $100.00 tb110 78a with POM pulleys

  • $150.00 trampa wheels and tires

  • $70.00 Ollin popicas with pulleys

  • $200.00 red new set bergs & tires

  • $180.00 48 p42a cell $3.78piece SOLD

  • $1000.00 prototipo and 12s8p VTC6 cells. Never used, not even a single charge cycle. Built by @Skyart last year. Cells sitting at 3.5v and has smart bms. Needs a gasket but that’s it.
    Holding for @Arzamenable

  • $120.00 a piece 6.6 TB ESC

  • $60.00 all terrain MBS wheels with pulleys

  • $40.00 all terrain MBS wheels no pulleys

  • $500.00 trampa trucks and moon drives with extra dampers and hardware

Will list more later

Will have a full TB new build up for sale in a lil


I’ll take the cells


Send me a PM and let’s go from there! I’ll be replying to lost messages in the morning, just finished 12 hours of driving lol


Would you sell the proto deck + enclosure individually?

Nope, not unless I get 700 for it. Will later repost it as a complete build if it doesn’t sell as is

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Worth a shot, thanks anyways


What a killer deal on that Prototipo deck, enclosure and battery!

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$700 for enclosure and deck?

2nd in line for cells

3rd in line for the cells lol … also interested in the maytechs - I’ll PM


Are any of the mbs or tampa tires 9" or 10"

Believe that one of the mbs wheels is 9 in, let me check in a lil


Yeah, if either are 9"+ I’ll take. Preferably with the pullies

Call me bish

Cells have been sold since yesterday, just knocked out lol

Bump, prices are OBO

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Lacroix will come with new cnc trampa trucks and moon drives. Will be basically a complete soon for 1600


No 9in Unfortunately, BUMP THREAD THO

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Bump! Trampa cnc trucks and brand spanking new moon drives added. Has 11, and 14t motor gears

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