Problem setting up Flipsky 6.6 Dual FSESC w torqueboards DD

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue setting up my Flipsky Dual FSESC using the VESC tool.

Basically, I tried downloading the official VESC tool from vedder’s site, and it would connect to the VESC, but it wouldn’t detect the motor. like no spinning at all. So, I tried with the ackmaniac tool, and it at least could connect to the motor. So, I setup the whole thing and calibrated the PPM remote. Then, when I go to test it by pressing the throttle, the motor just makes a terrible knocking noise and freaks out but does not spin.

Also, I cannot get the second motor to spin at all, even though i connected the USB port to unit 2 and made sure the firmwares were the same and slave mode was enabled or whatever. BLDC by the way.

Anyone have any advice or experience similar issues with the Flipsky stuff? I have some FOCBOX’s and they seem to run the direct drive just fine…

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